Saturday, 3 October 2015

Aussie Curves 3.0 - Best Bargain

This one is SO hard for me! I wouldn't even know where to start?!?

I eventually decided [because just one bargain was too hard to choose] that I would share the awesome opshopped bargains I have got [and still own] from my favourite opshop.

Its an Old school, little, messy, Uniting Care opshop, run by a group of hardworking elderly volunteers. It requires frequent visits, squashed spaces, occassional crowds and a lot of searching and sifting but $10 is the most I have ever paid and I have found soo many great things there! From my understanding it is the huge intake of donations they get that allow them to price everything so cheap with most clothing items either $2 or 20c!

$2 Autograph flannel frills shirt

Both pics on the left || $2 MySize denim jeggings
On the right || $4 City Chic boob tube

On the left || $4 black top from Taking Shape 
On the right || $10 Curvi long sheer cover up/cardigan thingy

Top left || $2 City Chic blue top
Bottom left || $1 purple Moda shirt
On the right || $2 Autograph tan & black skirt

Both necklaces $2 each

On the left || $2 Maroon Avella jeans
Middle || $2 SixteenTwentySix denim capris
On the right || $2 Avella tunic

On the left || $2 Moda tunic
Top right || $2 Moda pedal pushers
Bottom right || $1 pink square earrings

Top left || New with tags $4 City Chic blue singlet
Top right || $1 Vigorella bolero
Bottom left || $2 purple silk top with ruffles
Bottom right || $2 City Chic bolero

On the left || $3 Virtu black dress
Top right || $4 clear jewellery drawers (something similar to this at Howard's Storage is around $100!)
Bottom right || $3 square Amethyst earrings

Please do not think I walked out with all of this on one visit cause that is definately not the case. These purchases spread over many visits over the last year! 

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  1. Yas! So many awesome clothes from visits - I gotta say that those square earrings at the end are fab, but, op shopping in general is fab and you rock at it! :D

    1. Aww thanks Jacqui! I do enjoy it so much! I thonk that is obvious tho!

  2. When I found out this week's challenge, I immediately thought of you!

    Oh, and still envious - op shops around this area charge way higher than yours. And it seems yours have cooler finds as well, based in this collage! <3

    1. Thanks Chel! Thats cute that you think of me when you think of bargains!
      There are alot more higher priced oppys here too but I tend not to go to them. And of course everything in the collage is a good find. Stuff I didnt like or use that I donated back somewhere werent included and its a years worth if finds so really its nit that much! Lol
      Keep searching at thecheaper ones and you're bound to find some good stuff!


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