Sunday, 24 November 2013

Aussie Curves - Black & White

My Black and White for Aussie Curves this week comprises of three different outfits. White is not a colour I wear much of (if it's even a colour?) but I'm slowly trying to integrate purely white and black & white pieces of clothing into my wardrobe.
Outfit 1
Junarose Skater dress from ASOS
Op shopped Country road crop
Nena Perrill necklace
Top hat brooch from ASOS
Op shopped belt
TS14+ flats
Outfit 2
Op shopped Zebra top
Op shopped Black shorts
New look shoes from ASOS
Outfit 3
Op shopped polka dot skirt
Op shopped white City Chic top
White op shopped flat sandals

Here's my black & white nail polish I did for this weeks theme and a few accessories I wore with outfit 3.
Outfit 1 would have to be my favourite out of the 3 but I need to lose the black leggings underneath I reckon. Here are some other black & white concoctions I've worn in the past:


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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Aussie Curves - Swimwear

So like most of the other Aussie Curvettes I have been dreading this week a bit and have put it off right till the last day but I don't know why it wasn't that bad at all. 
I didn't own any bathers for this challenge so I ducked into Autograph to get these super comfy bather bottoms which looks like a skirt but has built in bottoms. They set me back $40 (plus 30% off in-store at the moment) but I think they will get some wear this year and will probably last me for ages!
The tankini is by BeMe, was opshopped for $2 and is most likely way too small for the twins but hey it did the job!
I rarely go to the beach or pool. I like water that's for sure but there's the whole bathers in public thing and a slight fear of sharks from watching Jaws when I was young - lame I know. Any swimwear wearing done by me would most likely be done in my courtyard on a hot day, just chillin' and sunbaking out of the sun...yes out of the sun.
I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't take photos with a better background than my courtyard. I don't live near the beach and don't know anyone with a pool so when I was bored I decided to do a dodgy cut and paste pic to make me feel more beachy! LMAO
This has been a really good challenge for me cause it has made me get some actual swimwear instead of wearing and swimming in cut-off jeans like I did last summer at the beach. That was not comfortable or easy to swim in; It was just a bad idea all together.
But now I'm actually looking forward to going the beach which I never thought would happen!
Thankyou Aussie Curves!!!!
 If you want some inspiration yourself checkout Danimezza's 2013 Plus Size Swim+ Lookbook

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Aussie Curves - Races

I've been to the races once and I sorta "wasted" that experience if you get my drift... If I went again I think I would be rather happy and comfortable wearing this outfit because this time I would stay classy... well try LOL.

Last weekend I went for a spot of op shopping and found this SWAK dress. I've been following SWAK (which stands for Sealed With A Kiss) for quite awhile on Instagram.
I never dreamt I would come along one of their dresses on my many op shop trips. 
When I saw this label I grabbed hold of the dress and didn't let go. For only $5 I was probably going to buy it whether it fit me or not! I tried it on and it fit, but I did feel a little vulnerable with ALL my curves, especially my love handles shape showing through the dress. However with some shape wear and a few champers at the races I would start to feel a little more comfortable with myself.

I love the top purple bust area, it's so comfortable. The back is gorgeous too (excuse the terrible photo) and it suits me perfectly as it makes my princess tattoo a feature.

Every female is a princess and deserves to be treated like one!

Add the accessories...obviously going with a purple theme here.  A $10 op-shopped Glomesh bag and a $2 fascinator.


Chances are I'd end the day like this.. resting my sore blistered feet but getting dressed up and feeling good about myself is always worth it!

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Do you have any SWAK clothing?

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