Sunday, 17 November 2013

Aussie Curves - Swimwear

So like most of the other Aussie Curvettes I have been dreading this week a bit and have put it off right till the last day but I don't know why it wasn't that bad at all. 
I didn't own any bathers for this challenge so I ducked into Autograph to get these super comfy bather bottoms which looks like a skirt but has built in bottoms. They set me back $40 (plus 30% off in-store at the moment) but I think they will get some wear this year and will probably last me for ages!
The tankini is by BeMe, was opshopped for $2 and is most likely way too small for the twins but hey it did the job!
I rarely go to the beach or pool. I like water that's for sure but there's the whole bathers in public thing and a slight fear of sharks from watching Jaws when I was young - lame I know. Any swimwear wearing done by me would most likely be done in my courtyard on a hot day, just chillin' and sunbaking out of the sun...yes out of the sun.
I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't take photos with a better background than my courtyard. I don't live near the beach and don't know anyone with a pool so when I was bored I decided to do a dodgy cut and paste pic to make me feel more beachy! LMAO
This has been a really good challenge for me cause it has made me get some actual swimwear instead of wearing and swimming in cut-off jeans like I did last summer at the beach. That was not comfortable or easy to swim in; It was just a bad idea all together.
But now I'm actually looking forward to going the beach which I never thought would happen!
Thankyou Aussie Curves!!!!
 If you want some inspiration yourself checkout Danimezza's 2013 Plus Size Swim+ Lookbook


  1. i love the cut n paste! lol
    you look great! those swimskirts are awesome, i had one last season and was a great alternative to boardies, way more comfy but still a bit of cover when i wanted it.

    1. Yeah I love cut and paste - its the invention of the century! lol
      Board shorts always seem to get caught up between your legs when you walk this skirt is so much better and like you said has the coverage!

  2. Awesome! Glad to hear you've got something to swim in that will be comfortable and allow you to enjoy the beach more. LOVE THAT. Love the cute skirt.


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