Saturday, 30 January 2016

Spin the Pin - December '15/January '16

Spin the Pin is an Instagram Fashion challenge where the host, iCurvy chooses a 'PIN' of an outfit from Pinterest to which we put our own 'SPIN' on; our own take on the outfit; being inspired by any of its features, colours, traits etc etc.

The Outfit for this month (and for the previous month of December) is this cute blush and gold number worn by Nadia Abhoulhosn. See Nadia's post about this outfit here.

And my SPIN.

Initially I really struggled with how to spin the original outfit my own way. I usually make a bit of a list of what I see and I couldn't see past the pastel, blush coloured coat and the gold.

After quite some time thinking it just sort of clicked that gold was metallic, and the original outfit was all fairly similar colours, almost monochrome... So I went with that; Metallic and Monchrome (or at least similar colours).

Metallic is easy for me because I only have one item of metallic clothing and that is this cute shiny skirt by Huudaverti (read my review of this skirt) that has an amazingly soft, not to mention red inner lining! 

Having the skirt sorted, in turn sorted the colour I was to use. Process of Elimination.
So from that I pulled together this outfit. 
And I quite like it!

Outfit Details:
• Brown waterfall cardigan || No label || Opshopped for $4.50
• Beige singlet || Virtu || Opshopped
• Bronze skirt || Huudaverti || $40 on sale with Free shipping || See my review of this skirt.
• Natural coloured wedge boots || Autograph || on sale at the end of season for $40
• Bronze Clutch || Corelli || OpShopped for $3
• Earrings || can't remember!! Alzheimers 
• Bohemian bardot ring || Samantha Wills || $35 with free p+h from eBay
• Gold bracelet || Opshopped

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

NZ Style Curvettes - White

always struggle with white.
I don't own many white items of clothing and I haven't been married so I can't even post a pic of me in my wedding dress! 

I was initially going to wear this white cowl neck top/dress by Hope And Harvest but I wore it for another challenge in December so I thought I should try something else.

Whilst I was umming and arring over what to wear, I hadn't realised how time had flied until my bf knocked at the door to get me for the movie we were going to see... And I hate making people wait so I just chucked on this white top.

I haven't worn it much since I bought it because I thought it might've been a bit frilly and girly for me. Turns out it's not that bad! 

Outfit Details:
• White singlet || Autograph || Opshopped for $6
• Button Fly Flares || Pho Sizzle || $120 || See Flares here || See my Review of Flares here || $120
• Heels || Rivers || On sale for $8
• Headscarf || Opshopped for $2
• Silver Earrings || DesignStudio || Opshopped for $5 (they were brand new with the $19.95 tag still on them!)

Monday, 18 January 2016

NZ Style Curvettes - Tee

I've had this tee of a fave band of mine, Atlantis Awaits, for some time now but I have never really wore it because of the tight neck line. 

Come NZ Style Curvettes Tee challenge and my brain automatically thinks of my band tee and giving a new life!

This (above) is the only pre cut up photo of this top for when I wore it some time back for an Aussie Curves Festival themed challenge.

Here is a great link to a blog post that gives you heaps of tips on DIY Cutting Tees.

The Result: 
I love it! I dunno why I didn't do it sooner!!

I just cut out a new neckline and sleeves, made sure they were even and voila! I have already worn this new version more times than I ever wore the old version! 

Outfit Details: 
• Band tee || Atlantis Awaits || Bought at a gig for $20 I think
• Black skirt || Avella || Opshopped for $3
• Earrings || Opshopped for $1
• Black ring || eBay || $45

Friday, 8 January 2016

NZ Style Curvettes - Pattern Clash

Pattern clash! Not really a fave outfit type of mine but after all it is called a fashion challenge!

I was going to take the easy way out and wear this dress I call my 'Pattern Clash dress' because the pattern on it is floral and plaid. However, I felt that meant I wasn't taking up the challenge properly...

So I did some Pinterest research and read some tips on how to pattern clash like a pro and decided on Stripes & dots as they always seem to go.

And I found the following Mixing Prints chart useful aswell!

However I came across a wee problem: I don't own any polka dot items of clothing! Though I easily came to a decision that this top was close enough to polka dots...How do you pattern clash?

Outfit details: 
• Pattern Clash dress || City Chic || $50 off a Facebook group
• Black Open toe Mary Jane heels || Rivers || $15

• Tee || Virtuelle || Opshopped for $4 from a UnitingCare Op Shop
• Striped Skirt (dress folded down) || City Chic || A 'hand-me-down' from a bestie!
• Heels || Target || Opshopped for $3 

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest @charlenegirl

Next weeks challenge theme: Tee! 

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