Saturday, 9 February 2013

Store jewellery in a draw? Nope, not me!

I love accessorizing! I try to have a piece of jewellery in every colour so when I am looking to accessorize an outfit I always have something to match.

There is a slight problem with having a lot of jewellery – you run out of places to put it! My sister used to keep hers all in a draw but I like to see what I have otherwise I forget about it and never end up using it.

I have a lot of sheppard hook earrings and could never find one of those jewellery display hangers with enough space on it, so I made my own. Someone donated an old picture frame without glass to the op shop so I bought it and replaced where the glass was with two layers of that mesh like material you often see on fascinators with my hot glue gun. I have it hung on my wall covered in earrings! When I run out of room I can easily pluck out the earrings I don’t use and donate them to the op shop to make room for more!

Unfortunately this brilliant idea of mine doesn’t cater for earrings with a back on them so they are just on a earring display you would see in a store that I bought from spotlight. The once I use regularly are in my jewellery dish that I sit my everyday jewellery in.

Bangles are another item of jewellery I use often and I found an old Galliano bottle (which I have filled with water so it doesn’t tip over) which stores heaps of bangles so I can easily see them all.
There are so many different ways to utilize your space. I’ve put hooks in the side of my bookcase so I can hang really long necklaces and beads, and a cute little Ikea chandelier lamp I bought the other day (for a bargain at $3.90!!) also makes a great necklace hanger! Our op shop was donated a damaged wooden spice rack, or maybe a display for  tiny knick knacks...either way it was damaged and would’ve become firewood however I realised it would make a perfect nail polish shelfing unit!

Try to look at items through different eyes; don’t look at what it is meant to be. Look at it for what it is, its shape, its flaws, its features. Can you use any of that to your advantage?

 How do you display your jewellery? Or do you just shove it all in a draw?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Volunteers - Utilizing help

We often have people enquire about volunteering but I’m not really certain how to go about things...
The op shop I coordinate is a small independent church based op shop. I am the only paid staff member and we currently have 10 volunteers. Four of these volunteers come in once a week for a couple of hours to sort through donations and hang clothing. There is the gardener and 2 who are regulars, in most days and another two who come in 3 days a week for other reasons. All are vital to my sanity and my ability to keep the store running. At the moment I am clearly going with quality, not quantity.
More volunteers would be nice but it’s not just that easy. There would be a lot of things I would need to address. The most expensive would most likely have to be getting a new fridge as we currently have a bar fridge. With up to 8 people in on one day a bar fridge hardly does it as it is! Another hefty expense would be police checks. Every volunteer has to have a police check before they start, I’m not 100% why but this is the policy as far as I know.
However the most time consuming factor would be organising shifts and training up volunteers which would be my responsibility. This entails a large amount as I have recently learned. From personal presentation, stock presentation, customer service and just main workplace etiquette there is a lot to cover. Some people seem to think that because they are volunteering that means they can just pop in and volunteer when and for how long they want. With these ‘short term volunteers’ it’s hardly worth the time.
I guess when I think about it, it’s the same as any workplace. There will always be those who are not so good at their job but then there are others that excel, are reliable and willing to commit. I have to try more to use people in an area they enjoy. If someone’s passion is not with people then customer service is not their place, and getting them to do something else like sort clothing, tidy racks or order shelves might be better suited to them.
Have you ever volunteered at an op shop? What is it you liked/would like to do? Can you think of any way to make my role of coordinating volunteers easier? We all like to lessen our workload of course...

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