Saturday, 29 March 2014

Aussie Curves - Wedding

So the theme for the Aussie Curves challenge this week is Wedding. On the Aussie Curves facebook page it has been a week full of posts of gorgeous wedding dresses and accompanying love stories! 
Unfortunately for me I am yet to meet Mr. Right so I don't have any wedding dress photos to show you. Instead I am going to share a couple of photos of an outfit I wore to a beautiful wedding late last year.
The wedding was picturesque! Set in a park in Castlemaine (near Bendigo, Vic) the decorations (strategically placed by the brilliant me!!) were gorgeous as was the weather and most of all the most amazing looking bride, Lindsay, who deserved the magical day it was!

wore a red New Look Inspire peplum dress I ordered from ASOS just for the occasion and it was great! It allowed me to run around before the ceremony like a chicken with its head cut off getting last minute details done without being uncomfortable or getting gross & sweaty.
I accessorised with some opshopped pearls, red nail polish,  bargain red $3 wedges from Target and a couple of big cheap rings from Diva.
It was such an amazing day! I can't wait till I have my own big day like this!!! One day.....

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Aussie Curves - Picnic

decided to do something a little different this week just for fun. 
My photo:

My interpretation:

When I saw this skirt at an op shop for a couple of dollars I couldn't help bit think of the then upcoming picnic themed Aussie Curves challenge! It looks so much like a picnic blanket or Dorothy from the wizard of Oz's skirt! So I bought it just to have a little fun for this challenge! It isnt my style though so its already on its way back to the op shop.

Autograph top - op shopped $5
Picnic skirt & headband/belt - op shopped $2
White sandles - op shopped $2 or $3

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Aussie Curves - Second hand

I've not been feeling great this week. I think I've had the flu & had less energy than usual so I've just chosen a simple outfit I wore to work this week for the second hand challenge.
Its probably one week I could've really rocked at cause I have so many awesome second hand buys but it was too hard for me to choose one outfit!
So everything in this outfit is second hand.
* Target jeans - hand me downs
* Navy Roc Boots - op shopped new for $10
* Baker street singlet - op shopped $4
* Lacey cardigan - op shopped $4
* headband - op shopped $1 (I decided I didn't like it so I donated it back)
* portmans bag - op shopped $5
* necklace - op shopped $3

I decided I would show some pics of just some of my fave second hand items!
Above Clockwise from top left

* Red top with black lace - hand me down
* blue & black City Chic top - op shopped $5 
* Swak designs dress - op shopped $5
* red bellecurve jeans - bought from facebook $15
* Leather Monkfish boots - op shopped $2
* Green City Chic peplum - Op shopped $3
* autograph dress - op shopped $10
* City Chic stripe tunic - gift from friend

Above Clockwise from top left:

* ASOS curve dress - op shopped $5
* orange millers pants - op shopped $2
* city chic teal skater dress - bought from Instagram $15
* Orange City Chic peplum - op shopped $5
* white city chic top - op shopped $5
* forever21 sequin skirt - bought from Facebook $20
* Filippo Raphael Bag - op shopped $5
* red cube necklace & earring set - op shopped $10

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Friday, 7 March 2014

Aussie Curves - Off the Runway

I've never been much of a trend follower in terms of what's current on the runway. I buy roughly 75% of my clothing and shoes from op shops so they are never really current, I'm lucky if it's last season.
So I've put together a few outfits in my own interpretation of what's current on the runway.

Plaid is an upcoming pattern that feels like its coming out everywhere! Or tartan - same thing to me!! Lol I don't really need to mention any specific places where you can see this trend because if you aren't already seeing it everywhere, you will be soon! I went into City Chic a month or two ago and it was definitely the next 'in' style from the newer pieces out. 
My outfit is simple yet more for the colder weather.
Junarose skater dress
Op shopped City Chic Jacket
Novo Boots

White Blouses
Instyle has white shirts as one of the current trends on the runway. Up until recently I've not even owned a white shirt but this virtu top I recently op shopped seems to be close enough for me so I've added in a couple of pics of me wearing this in a couple of casual looks I've worn recently.

Trending Colours

Pink seems to be one of the colours here and there in current and upcoming runway trends. My thought is that its going to be more pastel pinks like these Rosie looks in Harpers bazaar but I've gone for my preference of a more bold pink.
Op shopped Pink Autograph top
Op shopped Old school Big City Chic jeans cut into shorts
Pink Havaianas (however some dispute that they are pink!)

Emerald is just one of a few colours that seem they are going to be all the rage this upcoming season. Harpers bazaar demonstrates this to us with a whole heap of outfits on the runway.
My emerald outfit is minimal as it is not one of the colours I have fully embraced in my wardrobe yet. However when I saw Emerald as one of the latest runway trends I instantly thought of this gorgeous Basque scarf I op shopped a while ago.
Junarose skater dress
Novo Boots
Op shopped Basque Scarf
Orange is another colour likely to be around this season. Danimezza's article in Plus Model Magazine says orange is up and coming and is saying that orange is all over Spring 2014.
My outfit is one I threw together thinking it would be average but I actually loved it! And it included trackies!!! What the!?!
Op shopped Orange City Chic Peplum
Black 3/4 trackies
Op shopped orange Jo mercer heels

A couple of other runway looks I'm keen to try, sheer/mesh and crop tops but I'm still trying to find the right balance and look for me so maybe in the future you'll see those trends from me. Until then keep yourself busy by checking out the other curvettes showing us their off the runway looks in the blog hop below!!!!

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