Sunday, 23 March 2014

Aussie Curves - Picnic

decided to do something a little different this week just for fun. 
My photo:

My interpretation:

When I saw this skirt at an op shop for a couple of dollars I couldn't help bit think of the then upcoming picnic themed Aussie Curves challenge! It looks so much like a picnic blanket or Dorothy from the wizard of Oz's skirt! So I bought it just to have a little fun for this challenge! It isnt my style though so its already on its way back to the op shop.

Autograph top - op shopped $5
Picnic skirt & headband/belt - op shopped $2
White sandles - op shopped $2 or $3


  1. very cute! a couple of braids and you'd totally be dorothy

    1. Lol thanks Katie! Dorothy is totally picnic though, right?!? Lol ;)


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