Thursday, 24 January 2013

Breaking my blog seal

I am an op shopper through and through. From my young days when I was off school sick I was looked after by a lady at the op shop she ran. I loved it! I was never too sick to run around in heels and a handbag pretending I was grown up. As part of my parents job as ministers they held jumble sales and had a huge shed I would roam where all the donations for the op shop were stored. So op shopping is in my blood.

Now I run an Op Shop, a one off church oppie, and I love it! I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else. It is hard work, occasionally frustrating and I have so many questions. I want to be able to share thoughts, ask questions and get feedback but I don't really know who I can ask. Topics such as Real versus Fake, pricing and the value of things (especially things I've never seen or heard of before), op shop competition, discounts, vintage eras and basically anything to do with op shopping.

Once Upon an Op Shop is my attempt at blogging (which will be interesting cause I'm not much of a writer, more a blabberer) and connecting with that online op shop community that I know exists. If you want to know about the ins and outs of running an op shop, this is your blog!


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