Monday, 28 September 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Song

This outfit is all about the skirt I'm wearing and the following song you may recognise from Play School (just change the word spot to splash).

Put a spot over here
and a spot over there.
And a spot on your ear
And a spot on your hair.
And a lot of little spots in the air, everywhere!
It's a spotty kind of day!

Not familiar with it? Check out this old skool Play School YouTube clip here! (The first minute anyway)

That's what I think of my skirt every time I see it! 
It's a splashy kind of day! 
In heaps of different colours! On my skirt! 

When I first saw this skirt by Missguided on Instagram I wanted it so badly! However they had sold out online and despite my attempts to find one on eBay, in Facebook groups and via Google I just couldn't find one anywhere!
So one day I decided to post some pics of some gorgeous plus size Aussie bloggers wearing theirs, asking my followers to keep an eye out for me and you wouldn't believe it! The beautiful Liv from Wait Until The Sunset didn't fit hers anymore! She was even sweet enough to offer it to me real cheap but I persisted to give her twice that amount cause I was so over the moon! 
I was a little worried that it might not fit me cause it was only a size 16 but I was determined enough I would make it fit, however when I got it and tried it on, it fit me perfectly!

I'm also loving the heaps of different colours in the skirt as there are so many more possible outfits you could make incorporating this skirt! Like the photo below, where I've worn a teal top that matches a colour taken from the skirt, rather than the orange I have used in my Song challenge outfit.

Outfit Details:
• Paint splash skirt || Missguided || Bought second hand for $40
• Orange peplum || City Chic || Opshopped for $5
• Belt || Taking Shape 14+ || $3 at the Taking Shape clearance store in Abbotsford, Melbourne
• Black velvet wide calf fit boots || Emerson by Big W || $30
• Orange bangle || Opshopped years ago
• Coral crush lipstick || Maybelline

Saturday, 19 September 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - [Non] Activewear

Ah, the dreaded Activewear post. Well maybe not dreaded for the average person but for me it is. I'm within 0.05% of the worlds population that has Narcolepsy, however a large number of these people are unaware they even have the sleep disorder.

In case you don't know what Narcolepsy is, basically it is a sleeping disorder that causes excessive daytime fatigue. Keywords there EXCESSIVE, DAYTIME and FATIGUE. There's a lot of other stuff involved and lucky me (<- sarcasm) has all of the symptoms which I won't even go into.
My Narcolepsy is exhausting in so many ways but largely it's physically draining. I want to stay awake but when i get really really tired there is no way I can stop my brain from making my body go to sleep. At times if I try to fight it I shake severely because my willpower is trying to fight my brain chemicals (or lack of).

Getting off topic. Back to Activewear. I want to exercise but I really struggle to build up the energy (during the daytime anyway). I've tried a lot of things and to anyone who doesn't have Narcolepsy or experienced something similar it really sounds like I'm making excuses.

I'm really at a point where I don't know what to do. I feel like I've tried everything (even though I know I haven't tried everything). It's actually a bit of a sore spot for me at this very moment in my life because some people don't understand how hard it is for me. I'm not looking for your sympathy, Im just typing and its blurting out like verbal diarrhoea.

Now let me point out this is all about getting fit and active NOT losing weight. 
The weight thing is a whole different issue. Easily summed up: my medication gives me the pasties, the only thing that gets rid of this embarrassing white mush layering in my mouth is soft drink and cordial; not water, not diet soft drinks. No excuses here. Trust me I have tried.

I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy 11 years ago and I am still learning different ways of adjusting my lifestyle to help me live with it. I know one thing is that my mind has to be stimulated. 
Example: reading a boring book I have no interest in = I'm asleep within 30 seconds
Reading a book on something I'm interested in or can relate to = I'm asleep in 10 minutes

So I have a new theory. Or method to attempt. With a story behind it.

The other day I got some gym pants from Kmart. They were a size 24 but only $2 so I thought Id try them. I did a half an hour workout session to a dvd I love!!! Whoa! Totally amazing for me! However the pants wouldn't stay up, were too big and really frustrating. So since then I haven't done it again even though I want to.

My theory is that maybe Activewear fashion could stimulate me enough mentally
to get myself enough energy physically to start exercising. Otherwise I can't wear those items of clothing and my reward for exercising is getting to wear the clothes! 
Make sense? Passion for Fashion = incentive to exercise = reward is being able to actually wear the activewear.

Well...I plan to try it today if I can stop myself from procrastinating too much.

24hours later I decide to stop putting it off. After 10 minutes they have a drink break and I fell asleep...I thought exercising was supposed to give you energy?!?

Ok so it didn't work. 
Next attempt is Yoga/Pilates.

There is heaps of info regarding Narcolepsy on the net or you can check out more Here 

Saturday, 12 September 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Floral

A little while back Nyata had an awesome pop up sale.

Now this pop up sale was so awesome because there was nothing over $40! How could I say no?!? Designed in Australia and manufactured in Indonesia, I would definitely class this as an Aussie brand so I'd be helping our economy and such a bargain sale so I just had to!

I used this thing people call "self control" and only bought 3 items. Mind you I can't seem to figure that "self control" thing out around chocolate...hehe

With trademark Indonesian names I bought:
The Ungu Vixen top for $20 (ungu means purple);
The Bunga Charm Kimono for $20 (Bunga means flower); 
And Pas Pas pants for $25 (Pas Pas apparently means 'fit snugly' according to google translate)

All in size stunning! What size you say? Yep, I am size Stunning! 

I was pleased yet disappointed that 2 out of 3 fit. That's a pretty good percentage for qn online purchase I know but I wanted them ALL to fit! It was my own fault however, I panicked cause the prices were so good and didn't check the size chart properly and consider materials etc. 

Size stunning is equivalent to Aus28-30 but my size considering my rather endowed chest. Of course it wouldn't really matter with the kimono but with the Ungu Vixen top it definitely mattered cause the material doesn't have much stretch (pictured below)... One size down and my twins would not have fit!

Whilst the rest of my outfit for this challenge is very bland and black all the attention is drawn to this glamorous kimono and its beautiful tropical flowers and birds pattern. It even has flower designs embossed into the material as you can see in the pic below!

I think the sequins are a great touch. They allow the top to be dressed up if needed but they are smaller than usually sequins which I think helps them seem not too overglam so still able to be worn in everyday outfits like mine here. 

Nyata means "real" in Indonesian. I love that! We are all "real" regardless of our size! If you want to check them out in REAL life keep an eye on them at Nyata on Instagram as they are in the process of creating a studio in Geelong.

Outfit details:
• Bunga Charm Kimono || Nyata || $20 during their online pop up store
• Black jeans || City Chic || $50
• Black top || Taking Shape 14+ || Opshopped for $4
• Boots || Autograph || $100
• Leaf necklace || $1 at a garage sale

Oh and dont forget my $1 leaf necklace which sorta keeps with the floral theme wink

Sunday, 6 September 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Lace

When I read Lace was this weeks theme I was happy cause I knew I would finally get the chance to wear this Lace dress I got from Seraphim way back in March at the Curvy Couture Roadshow Market.

I loved wearing it out with just a top and tights underneath because I felt like it was a bit sexy being able to see the colour of my tights through the dress but not too sexy to be inappropriate. 

In my face shot /selfie (above) I'm wearing a nice shade of lippy that goes with my outfit called 'Stay Put Late' by ModelsPrefer.
I also used this newish lipstick for Day 4 ('Daring Lipstick') of Margot Meanies Rebellious Self Love (#rebelliousselflove) challenge for September.

"It's an exercise in self love, gaining confidence through rebellion and just being cheeky"

Find Meagan Kerrs NZ Style Curvettes Lace Blog HERE

And find out more about the NZ Style Curvettes Challenge HERE

Outfit details:
• Black Lace Overlay Dress || Seraphim || On Sale for $29.99 || Get It HERE
• Maroon top || Avella at Big W || $5
• Gold rose clip belt || City Chic || $15
• Shiraz tights || City Chic || On sale for $7.45
• Boots || For City Chic by Wittner || $85
• Black flower studs || Kmart || One of three pairs for $2
• Lipstick 'Stay Out Late' || By ModelsPrefer || Priceline $5 half price sale

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