Sunday, 6 September 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Lace

When I read Lace was this weeks theme I was happy cause I knew I would finally get the chance to wear this Lace dress I got from Seraphim way back in March at the Curvy Couture Roadshow Market.

I loved wearing it out with just a top and tights underneath because I felt like it was a bit sexy being able to see the colour of my tights through the dress but not too sexy to be inappropriate. 

In my face shot /selfie (above) I'm wearing a nice shade of lippy that goes with my outfit called 'Stay Put Late' by ModelsPrefer.
I also used this newish lipstick for Day 4 ('Daring Lipstick') of Margot Meanies Rebellious Self Love (#rebelliousselflove) challenge for September.

"It's an exercise in self love, gaining confidence through rebellion and just being cheeky"

Find Meagan Kerrs NZ Style Curvettes Lace Blog HERE

And find out more about the NZ Style Curvettes Challenge HERE

Outfit details:
• Black Lace Overlay Dress || Seraphim || On Sale for $29.99 || Get It HERE
• Maroon top || Avella at Big W || $5
• Gold rose clip belt || City Chic || $15
• Shiraz tights || City Chic || On sale for $7.45
• Boots || For City Chic by Wittner || $85
• Black flower studs || Kmart || One of three pairs for $2
• Lipstick 'Stay Out Late' || By ModelsPrefer || Priceline $5 half price sale


  1. Yes! I love me a nice lace number! Great look and pretty lippie Charlene! :)

  2. Love love love! I was actually eyeing up the maxi version of this lace dress today, it's so dreamy! Is the lace really soft?

    1. Oh I didnt know there was a maxi version but now you've mentioned it, a maxi version of this dress is 100% you! I can picture it on you already! And yes the lace is soft. I couldnt stand it if it was scratchy, I have very sensitive skin lol


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