Monday, 28 September 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Song

This outfit is all about the skirt I'm wearing and the following song you may recognise from Play School (just change the word spot to splash).

Put a spot over here
and a spot over there.
And a spot on your ear
And a spot on your hair.
And a lot of little spots in the air, everywhere!
It's a spotty kind of day!

Not familiar with it? Check out this old skool Play School YouTube clip here! (The first minute anyway)

That's what I think of my skirt every time I see it! 
It's a splashy kind of day! 
In heaps of different colours! On my skirt! 

When I first saw this skirt by Missguided on Instagram I wanted it so badly! However they had sold out online and despite my attempts to find one on eBay, in Facebook groups and via Google I just couldn't find one anywhere!
So one day I decided to post some pics of some gorgeous plus size Aussie bloggers wearing theirs, asking my followers to keep an eye out for me and you wouldn't believe it! The beautiful Liv from Wait Until The Sunset didn't fit hers anymore! She was even sweet enough to offer it to me real cheap but I persisted to give her twice that amount cause I was so over the moon! 
I was a little worried that it might not fit me cause it was only a size 16 but I was determined enough I would make it fit, however when I got it and tried it on, it fit me perfectly!

I'm also loving the heaps of different colours in the skirt as there are so many more possible outfits you could make incorporating this skirt! Like the photo below, where I've worn a teal top that matches a colour taken from the skirt, rather than the orange I have used in my Song challenge outfit.

Outfit Details:
• Paint splash skirt || Missguided || Bought second hand for $40
• Orange peplum || City Chic || Opshopped for $5
• Belt || Taking Shape 14+ || $3 at the Taking Shape clearance store in Abbotsford, Melbourne
• Black velvet wide calf fit boots || Emerson by Big W || $30
• Orange bangle || Opshopped years ago
• Coral crush lipstick || Maybelline


  1. I'm not familiar with that song but I'm loving the skirt!!! Such a great pattern

    1. Not familiar?!? Surely they have Play School in NZ right? Surely?!


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