Saturday, 12 September 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Floral

A little while back Nyata had an awesome pop up sale.

Now this pop up sale was so awesome because there was nothing over $40! How could I say no?!? Designed in Australia and manufactured in Indonesia, I would definitely class this as an Aussie brand so I'd be helping our economy and such a bargain sale so I just had to!

I used this thing people call "self control" and only bought 3 items. Mind you I can't seem to figure that "self control" thing out around chocolate...hehe

With trademark Indonesian names I bought:
The Ungu Vixen top for $20 (ungu means purple);
The Bunga Charm Kimono for $20 (Bunga means flower); 
And Pas Pas pants for $25 (Pas Pas apparently means 'fit snugly' according to google translate)

All in size stunning! What size you say? Yep, I am size Stunning! 

I was pleased yet disappointed that 2 out of 3 fit. That's a pretty good percentage for qn online purchase I know but I wanted them ALL to fit! It was my own fault however, I panicked cause the prices were so good and didn't check the size chart properly and consider materials etc. 

Size stunning is equivalent to Aus28-30 but my size considering my rather endowed chest. Of course it wouldn't really matter with the kimono but with the Ungu Vixen top it definitely mattered cause the material doesn't have much stretch (pictured below)... One size down and my twins would not have fit!

Whilst the rest of my outfit for this challenge is very bland and black all the attention is drawn to this glamorous kimono and its beautiful tropical flowers and birds pattern. It even has flower designs embossed into the material as you can see in the pic below!

I think the sequins are a great touch. They allow the top to be dressed up if needed but they are smaller than usually sequins which I think helps them seem not too overglam so still able to be worn in everyday outfits like mine here. 

Nyata means "real" in Indonesian. I love that! We are all "real" regardless of our size! If you want to check them out in REAL life keep an eye on them at Nyata on Instagram as they are in the process of creating a studio in Geelong.

Outfit details:
• Bunga Charm Kimono || Nyata || $20 during their online pop up store
• Black jeans || City Chic || $50
• Black top || Taking Shape 14+ || Opshopped for $4
• Boots || Autograph || $100
• Leaf necklace || $1 at a garage sale

Oh and dont forget my $1 leaf necklace which sorta keeps with the floral theme wink


  1. What a stunning kimono! I love pattern, the sequins AND the bargain price :)

  2. Oh my gosh, that kimono is so dreamy! I adore the print and the colours, and I think it looks great on you. I've got another of their kimonos, in a more "spring" colour scheme with gold sequins :)

    1. Thanks babe! Oh a version for every season would be great!


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