Sunday, 4 September 2016

MFWPlus 2016 - Runway One



The first runway started off with a bang with some very sexy ensembles by State Of Liberty. Think corsets, harnesses and knee hi's teamed with loose flowing sheer fabrics and lace.
Such gorgeous lingerie! The kind you would want to [once upon a time only] wear for your wedding night!
My fave was definitely the all red one found red Here that is pictured below. I'm such a sucker for red but it also looked awesome on the gorgeous skin tone of Margie. 



Second up was new kid to the block, Voluptua. Designed by fashion student, Leah Streader (pictured below with Jenny Amosa), these outfits had a darker gothic vibe to them with a blue and purple feather pattern appearing repeatedly which connected together the pieces of the collection.


Above photos from MFWPlus Instagram and Facebook page

Courtney Zoh is a brand that does turbans, scarves and head pieces.
Now I'm not sure if it was the music, the jewellery or the turbans that gave this brand a bit of an India feel; either way all I know is I am in absolute love with pinky purple kimono jacket displayed on their last model! One of my fave pieces and definitely from what I've seen a lot of people are also loving it! Im pretty sure it's now named "that" jacket! These women looked gorgeous and made me feel like I wanted to wear a headpiece more often. So much inspiration!


Nyata means "real" in Indonesia, where these garments are ethically made, and is the brand made by gorgeous Geelong woman Amber.
This collection contains cute black and white geometric patterns and floral two pieces with Nyatas signature sequin stripes. My fave though is definitely the red Indah design worn by Amber at the launch party with its black sequin edging and hi-lo design

photo from MFWPlus Facebook page

The evening was capped off by the larger, more well known brand Estelle, which is sold via Myer department stores. 
Estelle showed a variety of styles and designs including a cute butterfly pattern and a fabulous paisley dress. Personally I could see myself rocking the sheer black and white hi-lo top modelled by hottie Danielle.

Pics from the Estelle Clothing blog

It was a great start to the runways with the crowd left wanting more... Which was definitely to be delivered over the next three runways to come!
Runway Two to Four still to come!

See all the photos taken by MFWPlus official photographer Jessie Obialor at MFWPlus' Facebook page

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