Saturday, 31 May 2014

Aussie Curves - Spike

This weeks challenge for Aussie Curves is Spike. I thought and thought and looked but I own nothing with spikes on it! Not even studs! Being broke didn't help so I raided my sisters jewellery and found these spikey earrings. Thats all she had so thats what I've used and I have no idea where they're from but Im gonna guess lovissa...
Later on I realised my idea of spikes is very much 'inside the box'. So I thought 'outside the box' and thought "hold on, my $3 gold jewelled hair comb has spikes (or prongs) on it! Woot!" So a very different interpretation but still spikes in my mind!

While I was googling ideas I found this awesome pic of spiked nails at So awesome!!
And even this awesome Spiked Aussie Curves banner that I've borrowed from Brodricklive365 @ 
Check out how the other Aussie Curves babes interpreted the Spikes challenge using the links in the blog hop below!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Aussie Curves - Song

Long story short - basically I've been sick and work's been crazy but I've already told myself I want to participate in every challenge this year. 
I had every intention of doing the song 'Thrift Shop' by Macklemore as any readers would know 80-90% of my clothing is op shopped. I even found this awesome faux fur jacket (not that it fit me) that could've been cool! 
I had further thoughts of doing a purely thrifted outfit for $20 to go with the song line "I'm gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket
"... Being sick and busy, time flew by and I still hadn't had any further thoughts. 

So I've decided to be a slack arse and do something easy...just remember that black is a shade, not a colour. Saying that my song is
Da ba dee da ba di...
Yep! I told ya it was easy! Lol however I apologise for no blue house with a blue window!
I'm wearing:
Blue Sara top - op shopped years ago & would've been about $5
Long sleeve black City Chic top (underneath) - op shopped for about $4 or $5
Black Vigorella Ra-Ra skirt - op shopped for $4
Blue sheer footless stockings - op shopped for 75c
Novo boots - brought the year vefore last for $50
See you next week peeps!!!

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Aussie Curves - Homemade

I'm a creative person but not a sewing person. So I knew Pinterest would have something I could make. I didn't think I would find anything that would show me how to make clothing but I did find something clothing could make. And I may have gone a tad overboard!!!

Via Pinterest I found this awesome blog post to make a necklace from an old t-shirt. Find it at: 

As I run an op shop I grabbed a top and gave it a go... it was so easy so I did it in a few other colours as well!
Here's a quick tutorial to show you what I did:
- Cut off the end of the top. Then cut the top into strips about an inch long.
- Stretch the strips out and then double them over.

- Make sure the seams are lined up all together.
- Use one if the strips to tie together the top beside the seams.
- Then wind this tightly to cover up all the seams. I used two strips to do mine. Then tie at the end.

The photo below explains what I mean when I said I may have gone overboard..!
The instructions on the blog above are much better! I even had some strips left so I made so bangle bits too!
And heres a few pics of me wearing them! Usually jewellery irritates my neck but these didn't cause its purely cotton material. And it keeps your neck warm, so who needs a scarf!

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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Auusie Curves - Timesaver

My timesaver is not an outfit so to speak, but something more like undergarments.

I don't take long to get ready of a morning (or night).15  I usually shower, dress & have breakfast in about half an hour; however I do multitask and rarely do my hair. My 'make-up', if you'd even call it that takes only a couple of minutes.
My timesaver is a cold weather thing, is something I know will work most of the time and I know I will be comfortable in. Basically it consists of long black leggings or footless tights and a long black top. I call it my long johns outfit LOL. I wear it under most things for extra warmth and nearly any dress or skirt and top combo I put over it works. This is probably because 1- I already felt comfy in my long john outfit; and 2- i nearly always tend to pair my outfits with black so nearly all the clothes I have I already imagine them paired with black.
For some reason I don't like to be too bright by wearing just coloured clothing. I feel like pairing it with black levels it out.
My timesaver makes it so easy. I just add some colour with a dress usually, accessories, black boots and a black cardi and I'm done.

- put on timesaving long john outfit
- add dress
- add accessories
- add cardigan

It makes outfit choosing so easy for me I did it all week!
I'll put the outfit details up on instagram if you wanna know more. @charlenegirl
That's it until next week curvettes!!!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Aussie Curves - Sparkle

think way too much into these challenges! My issue with this one was the difference between sparkle, shimmer and shine.

I Initially I chose this blue, green & black city chic top that has a shimmer to it but u couldn't see the shimmer in the photos I took.
I headed back to my wardrobe and looked for something with more of a sparkle... I found a jumper I bought from Asos Curve probably about a year ago and I don't know why it wasn't the first thing I thought of. 

It's a very warm jumper, too warm for me to wear to work as I overheat but it would be great for anytime I spent outside this upcoming winter.
I'm wearing:
Asos Curve heart jumper - online around $20 i think
City chic pants - op shopped for $5
Miss shop platforms - $20 retail a couple of years ago
Earrings - a gift from a Brazilian exchange student 
I also did a quiff with my hair for the first time and I love it! I think I might do it more often!

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