Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Aussie Curves - Homemade

I'm a creative person but not a sewing person. So I knew Pinterest would have something I could make. I didn't think I would find anything that would show me how to make clothing but I did find something clothing could make. And I may have gone a tad overboard!!!

Via Pinterest I found this awesome blog post to make a necklace from an old t-shirt. Find it at: 

As I run an op shop I grabbed a top and gave it a go... it was so easy so I did it in a few other colours as well!
Here's a quick tutorial to show you what I did:
- Cut off the end of the top. Then cut the top into strips about an inch long.
- Stretch the strips out and then double them over.

- Make sure the seams are lined up all together.
- Use one if the strips to tie together the top beside the seams.
- Then wind this tightly to cover up all the seams. I used two strips to do mine. Then tie at the end.

The photo below explains what I mean when I said I may have gone overboard..!
The instructions on the blog above are much better! I even had some strips left so I made so bangle bits too!
And heres a few pics of me wearing them! Usually jewellery irritates my neck but these didn't cause its purely cotton material. And it keeps your neck warm, so who needs a scarf!

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  1. This is a very, very cool idea! Love the fact you did the tute and then just went 'argggh' and made like 4 of them! Hahah, that is totally what I do when I learn how to do something new! I like the fact they don't irritate your skin too - bonus! I have sensitive skin too and a lof of jewels leave red rashes.

    1. It was too easy not to do heaps!! I seriously wanted to make one in every colour!!!

  2. cute idea, almost like a lightweight scarf! they look great :)

    1. Yeah it totally is like a lightweight scarf! Gee you're smart Katie!


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