Saturday, 10 May 2014

Auusie Curves - Timesaver

My timesaver is not an outfit so to speak, but something more like undergarments.

I don't take long to get ready of a morning (or night).15  I usually shower, dress & have breakfast in about half an hour; however I do multitask and rarely do my hair. My 'make-up', if you'd even call it that takes only a couple of minutes.
My timesaver is a cold weather thing, is something I know will work most of the time and I know I will be comfortable in. Basically it consists of long black leggings or footless tights and a long black top. I call it my long johns outfit LOL. I wear it under most things for extra warmth and nearly any dress or skirt and top combo I put over it works. This is probably because 1- I already felt comfy in my long john outfit; and 2- i nearly always tend to pair my outfits with black so nearly all the clothes I have I already imagine them paired with black.
For some reason I don't like to be too bright by wearing just coloured clothing. I feel like pairing it with black levels it out.
My timesaver makes it so easy. I just add some colour with a dress usually, accessories, black boots and a black cardi and I'm done.

- put on timesaving long john outfit
- add dress
- add accessories
- add cardigan

It makes outfit choosing so easy for me I did it all week!
I'll put the outfit details up on instagram if you wanna know more. @charlenegirl
That's it until next week curvettes!!!


  1. yay for black long john outfit! :D

    1. I love it!!! Its so much easier! Obviously you do too! Great brains think alike!

  2. lots of great outfits Charlene :)

  3. Thanks SpiderKatie!!! Its so easy and quick I just had to throw a few extra outfit photos in there!


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