Monday, 30 November 2015

Spin The Pin - November '15

The photo or PIN, to take inspiration from this month and SPIN my own way was this gorgeous outfit below by Folake at StyleLaundry.

I see a bright, bold colour with a clear link between the top and bottom pieces through the colouring. And I also can't help but see an amazing, flowing long skirt.

I knew instantly that I wanted to wear a long sheer skirt I recently opshopped but had to figure out how to connect the top and bottom with bright colours.

So I decided to use a green peplum and link it to the bottom half by wearing a shorter green skirt under my long sheer black skirt.
Added my matching green clutch and a bit of lippy and there you have out! My SPIN inspired by the PIN! 

Outfit Details:
• Green peplum || City Chic || Opshopped for $3
• Black belt || Off a City Chic dress
• Green skirt || Avella || Opshopped for $7.25
• Black sheer pleated maxi skirt || Lovers || Opshopped for $2
• Green clutch || Opshopped for $3
• Black heels || Target || Opshopped for $3
• Black tassel earrings || Opshopped for $3

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Saturday, 28 November 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Bright

My older brother and his wife are expecting a baby in the next few months, and have decided to go on a Babymoon (last holiday away before the bub arrives) so I have been housesitting for the last week.

Now you know that saying "A change is as good as a holidays", well yes it's great unless you wanna take some outfit photos and discover what you have packed doesn't really work for the theme you were going for.

So that said, there are some major flaws with my Bright outfit pics, however to make up for that I have done 2 [half] outfit pics so it sorta equals one good proper one, in my mind anyway.

Outfit 1 - Complimentary Colours
When I read 'bright' as this weeks theme, I automatically thought of my new [secondhand] bright orange blazer I opshopped just the other day for a whole dollar! I don't really own any blazers, but this one just stood out so I had to get it, especially considering just the day before I wore an orange based outfit with some of my fave (orange of course) wedges.

I love this orange blazer with this blue singlet cause the colours just compliment each other, of course, because orange and blue are complementary colours.

Outfit 1 flaw:
I am not wearing anything (other than underwear) on the bottom half! Lol I just didn't have anything that went! 
I would probably have used a blue skirt I have the same colour as the singlet with a thin black belt to break up the massive block of blue and wear my orange wedges I mentioned earlier. See these in the pic below.

Outfit 2 - My Christmas dress
I bought this dress a while back on a visit to Melbourne....quite some time ago really...last year cause I wore this dress on Christmas day (2014). I haven't worn it at all since then, I don't know why though. So it got placed in my suitcase for my housesitting stint and then I saw it and thought "hmmm I could use that for my bright photos" 

Outfit 2 flaw: 
I'm not wearing any shoes and have no matching accessories which is usually something I do. I'm very much a 'matchy matchy' outfit kinda gal if you hadn't already noticed.
I would probably have accessorised this dress with the bright blue colour. Some chunky blue wedges I have and some matching blue earrings. See them in the pic below!

Outfit 1 Details:
• Orange blazer || Millers || Opshopped for $1
• Blue singlet || City Chic || Opshopped New for $4

Outfit 2 Details:
• Blue, purple & fleuro yellow dress || City Chic || $30 from City Chic Harbourtown Outlet in Melbourne.  

See you all next week for stripes!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Sparkle

Five months ago I was made redundant from my job, managing an Op Shop for five years.
I'm currently looking for work but it is really hard at the moment as the unemployment rate is so high you are always competing against so many people for every job you apply for. Plus I want to get into Fashion retail which is harder again because of the little hours available (unless you are a store manager) and because I don't have any experience in a specific female clothing store, regardless the 5 years of working with (every type of) clothing in an op shop.

Looking for work can be really depressing. You can get stuck in a rut and end up not getting out of bed or showering for days because what's the point? There is rarely any new jobs available online that will interest you and you've put resumes in at most places you'd like to work at...It can sometimes feel hopeless.

I however love to get dressed up; for any [or even no] reason. It's definitely the best way to give yourself a 'pick me up'. Whether it's to drop around resumes to places you've already been or just to window shop, see a friend or even just to take some Outfit Of The Day (#ootd) photos.

It always makes me feel better about myself. 

Its not hiding behind make up or trying to cover up your flaws but more about presenting yourself well and treating yourself the way you deserve to be treated. It's like telling the world and society "Screw You! I won't let you win! You can't keep me down!"

Its all about how you think. And when you're in a rut things get worse and worse and it becomes a vicious cycle. So I choose to get up, get dressed and get out. And on days that are really hard, a little bit of sparkle and sass in your outfit always makes you feel that tiny bit better...special even, like a superstar.

Outfit Details:
• Ungu Vixen top || Nyata || $25 during a Pop up sale online
• Wet look scuba leggings || Harlow || Bought second hand for $40
• Black heels || Lee Cooper || $20 from Big W
• Purple hair powder || Brite Organix || $7.99 from Woolworths 
• Silver ball studs || Opshopped for $1.50

Beyond Blue National Helplines & Websites

New Zealand Depression Helplines & Websites

Sunday, 15 November 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Cropped

Just a quickie with not much writing from me this week. I've been a little slack getting this done this week so when I checked how long I had till the blog hop closed, 14minutes was left and I realised I had no time left to procrastinate. 
So with no time to write, which is good cause I'm not up for it, here are my pics.

Outfit Details:
• Cropped denim shirt with sheer black sleeves || Seraphim || $29.99 on Sale at CCR
• Black pedal pushers || Moda || Opshopped for $2
• Black sandals || Target || $15 on sale years ago
• Black & gold hoop earrings || Opshopped for $3

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Saturday, 7 November 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Skirt

This is one of my two favourite skirts at the moment. My other favourite is my Hot pink tea folly skirt by PhoSizzle and they also have one in Black at the moment! Oh how I wish I had money! 

It wasn't too long ago that I used this skirt for the NZ Style Curvettes Song challenge (which you can read here) so there isn't really too many things I can say about this skirt that I haven't already professed to the world in my song blog post... 

... Basically, I love this skirt! 
♥️ I love its look and the many colours in it that I can use to create different outfits with.
♥️ I love the fabric its made of. Its mostly polyester with 5% elastane (which really means nothing to me) but I'm guessing it may be the way they have lined it that makes it feel dense like thick ponte pants or almost like a wetsuit type of material just not as thick. Make sense? 
♥️ I love the way it sits on me. I think it's to do with the thickness of the skirt, it almost makes me feel like I'm wearing a petticoat under it to fluff it up a bit.
♥️ I love its name. Missguided named this skirt the plus size 'Paint splash print' midi skirt. I love that! I love painting, I love arts and I love being creative...

♥️ I seem to be all about the love today. I love this....I love that... LOL oh well that can't be a bad thing cause it means I love you too!! ♥️

Outfit details:
• Paint splash skirt || Missguided || Bought secondhand for $40 off the lovely Olivia at Wait Until The Sunset
• Black bandeau || Now || Opshopped on a $5 bag sale day
• Black bolero || Rivette & Blair || Opshopped years ago
• Gold rose belt || City Chic || $15
• Black boots || City Chic by Wittner || $85
• Earrings || Opshopped years ago
• Coral lipstick || Coralcrush by Maybeline. 
• Beige Anti chaffing shorts || Sonsee || $50 from Autograph (see photo below)

Sunday, 1 November 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Halloween

don't celebrate Halloween, however I do Love to get dressed up.

I originally wasn't going to do this challenge but Sunday afternoon came and I was bored.
Some of you may remember I have a sleeping disorder called Narcolepsy, where I sleep excessively throughout the day. So when I'm bored and I don't do anything there is a 99% chance I will fall asleep.
So instead of being bored and sleeping I decided I'd slap together some sort of Halloween costume.

As you may have already guessed I've gone for a strangled Zombie Queen of Hearts look... However instead of brains this Zombie Queen has a particular liking for hearts...fresh hearts.

Ok... so my blood covered heart needs a bit of work but for a 10minute job I think it's pretty good. I would probably either buy a real animal heart (that would freak people out! But would stink after a bit) or see if I could buy a real looking fake one from a dress up shop.

It's probably good I don't get dressed up for Halloween anyways because I would get out there and scare people with my brilliant acting skills! That's the point of Halloween right?

 ...who wants "braiiinnnss....braaiiinnns" when you can just rip out their heart! MuHaHaHa

Outfit Details:
• Queen of Hearts Costume || Bought online years ago for around $50
• Fishnet stockings || We Love Colours || $10.50
• Bone shaped double studs || Opshopped for $4
• Wedged Boots || Unnui || Opshopped for $2
• Black tiara || was pink but I covered in black nail polish years ago
• Heart || Red face washer soaked in water || borrowed from Mums linen cupboard
• Blood || Fake blood || Available from any dressup store

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