Sunday, 22 November 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Sparkle

Five months ago I was made redundant from my job, managing an Op Shop for five years.
I'm currently looking for work but it is really hard at the moment as the unemployment rate is so high you are always competing against so many people for every job you apply for. Plus I want to get into Fashion retail which is harder again because of the little hours available (unless you are a store manager) and because I don't have any experience in a specific female clothing store, regardless the 5 years of working with (every type of) clothing in an op shop.

Looking for work can be really depressing. You can get stuck in a rut and end up not getting out of bed or showering for days because what's the point? There is rarely any new jobs available online that will interest you and you've put resumes in at most places you'd like to work at...It can sometimes feel hopeless.

I however love to get dressed up; for any [or even no] reason. It's definitely the best way to give yourself a 'pick me up'. Whether it's to drop around resumes to places you've already been or just to window shop, see a friend or even just to take some Outfit Of The Day (#ootd) photos.

It always makes me feel better about myself. 

Its not hiding behind make up or trying to cover up your flaws but more about presenting yourself well and treating yourself the way you deserve to be treated. It's like telling the world and society "Screw You! I won't let you win! You can't keep me down!"

Its all about how you think. And when you're in a rut things get worse and worse and it becomes a vicious cycle. So I choose to get up, get dressed and get out. And on days that are really hard, a little bit of sparkle and sass in your outfit always makes you feel that tiny bit better...special even, like a superstar.

Outfit Details:
• Ungu Vixen top || Nyata || $25 during a Pop up sale online
• Wet look scuba leggings || Harlow || Bought second hand for $40
• Black heels || Lee Cooper || $20 from Big W
• Purple hair powder || Brite Organix || $7.99 from Woolworths 
• Silver ball studs || Opshopped for $1.50

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  1. Purple is definitely your colour. This might be my favourite ootd from you ever!

  2. I really wish I was able to get the time to do the sparkle challenge. You are soooooo right, being dressed up and having a bit of shimmer makes your day. Its a sure fire way to pick up a mood.

    Best of luck on the job front!! xoxo

    1. Thanks babe! And who says you need a challenge to do a sparkle outfit!?! Just do one cause you can!!


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