Saturday, 5 August 2017

Blurring Your Photos

A lot of people ask me how I edit my photos to blur the background out, well I finally wrote a blog to explain how to use it.

- First step: open the Tadaa app. The logo is a white letter 'T' in a green box

- The app will open with a camera screen so just click the box down the bottom right hand corner that will take you to your gallery

- Choose the photo you wish to edit

- On the bottom editing tools list, scroll across and choose 'Blur'

- Then the first thing I do is select 'ALL' (on the left of the top boxed options) so the blur goes all over my picture. I also scroll over the blur bar so it goes to 100% and 2 more bars down I scroll the highlights option back to 0%. So now your whole pic is blurred.

- To select the part of the picture you want unblurred (in this case the coffee cup and hand) you need to click the 'Create Mask' button at the top of the screen.

- Then cover the whole area of the object you want unblurred so it is green. Stroke over the outside edges of your pic (bit by bit at a time) and it will shape it automatically (but sometimes not accurately) if the 'edges' button is highlighted. If you unhighlight the 'edges' button then you can manually cover the edges which can be easier if you zoom in

- Once you are happy you can click on the tick in the top right corner...  and tadaa!

- You should be all done! Just click the box with the arrow in it (in the top right hand corner) to save your new photo!

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