Saturday, 15 March 2014

Aussie Curves - Second hand

I've not been feeling great this week. I think I've had the flu & had less energy than usual so I've just chosen a simple outfit I wore to work this week for the second hand challenge.
Its probably one week I could've really rocked at cause I have so many awesome second hand buys but it was too hard for me to choose one outfit!
So everything in this outfit is second hand.
* Target jeans - hand me downs
* Navy Roc Boots - op shopped new for $10
* Baker street singlet - op shopped $4
* Lacey cardigan - op shopped $4
* headband - op shopped $1 (I decided I didn't like it so I donated it back)
* portmans bag - op shopped $5
* necklace - op shopped $3

I decided I would show some pics of just some of my fave second hand items!
Above Clockwise from top left

* Red top with black lace - hand me down
* blue & black City Chic top - op shopped $5 
* Swak designs dress - op shopped $5
* red bellecurve jeans - bought from facebook $15
* Leather Monkfish boots - op shopped $2
* Green City Chic peplum - Op shopped $3
* autograph dress - op shopped $10
* City Chic stripe tunic - gift from friend

Above Clockwise from top left:

* ASOS curve dress - op shopped $5
* orange millers pants - op shopped $2
* city chic teal skater dress - bought from Instagram $15
* Orange City Chic peplum - op shopped $5
* white city chic top - op shopped $5
* forever21 sequin skirt - bought from Facebook $20
* Filippo Raphael Bag - op shopped $5
* red cube necklace & earring set - op shopped $10

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  1. You are just brilliant! I have said it before, but I say it again, you are the op shop queen!

    1. Lol thanks babe! I feel too young to be a Queen though! Lol

  2. That's a great necklace, and hooray for op shopping outfit! :)

    1. Yeahit is an awesome necklace. I dont wear them much because my skin is very sensitive on my neck but this is one that has had plenty of wear! Op shopping is da bomb!

  3. you always have the best thrifted finds! outfit is fab and I hope you are feeling heaps better! x

    1. Thanks babe! Its easy for me cause I run an op shop and price every single item so I sorta get first pick lol i try very hard not to be greedy tho :) which is hard!

  4. I think you totally win at this challenge!

    1. Thanks Nat! I totally know its not a competition but its nice to know I might win if it was!

  5. Agree you are an op shopping legend, hope your feeling better x


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