Saturday, 30 January 2016

Spin the Pin - December '15/January '16

Spin the Pin is an Instagram Fashion challenge where the host, iCurvy chooses a 'PIN' of an outfit from Pinterest to which we put our own 'SPIN' on; our own take on the outfit; being inspired by any of its features, colours, traits etc etc.

The Outfit for this month (and for the previous month of December) is this cute blush and gold number worn by Nadia Abhoulhosn. See Nadia's post about this outfit here.

And my SPIN.

Initially I really struggled with how to spin the original outfit my own way. I usually make a bit of a list of what I see and I couldn't see past the pastel, blush coloured coat and the gold.

After quite some time thinking it just sort of clicked that gold was metallic, and the original outfit was all fairly similar colours, almost monochrome... So I went with that; Metallic and Monchrome (or at least similar colours).

Metallic is easy for me because I only have one item of metallic clothing and that is this cute shiny skirt by Huudaverti (read my review of this skirt) that has an amazingly soft, not to mention red inner lining! 

Having the skirt sorted, in turn sorted the colour I was to use. Process of Elimination.
So from that I pulled together this outfit. 
And I quite like it!

Outfit Details:
• Brown waterfall cardigan || No label || Opshopped for $4.50
• Beige singlet || Virtu || Opshopped
• Bronze skirt || Huudaverti || $40 on sale with Free shipping || See my review of this skirt.
• Natural coloured wedge boots || Autograph || on sale at the end of season for $40
• Bronze Clutch || Corelli || OpShopped for $3
• Earrings || can't remember!! Alzheimers 
• Bohemian bardot ring || Samantha Wills || $35 with free p+h from eBay
• Gold bracelet || Opshopped

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  1. This is a perfect spin - loving the metallic looks! Really works with your hair...or something, maybe complexion? Maybe both? Anyhoo, it's a rad look.


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