Friday, 5 February 2016

NZ Style Curvettes - Maxi

Be it a maxi dress or a maxi skirt, they always tend to be too long for me... But I have found ways around it. 

I won this cool maxi dress by Embody Denim just last December on Instagram (Read more about that here) but it was too long... easily fixed.
If your maxi is too long you can knot it like I have with this maxi below. You can knot it to the side, at the front, up high, or down low.

If it's a maxi skirt you can pull it up higher so it's not dragging on the ground and no one will know because you will have a top over it! Pull it right up to your boobs, or even over your boobs and no one will know!

Another way I like to style my maxi dresses, or just any dress really is to use it as a skirt, and even sometimes as a top, depending on the dress. For example: the double take photo below shows the same dress being used as a skirt and a top, and it can also be worn as a straight dress. See my Double Take post here.

Since I have pics of me wearing my Embody Denim maxi dress straight at Christmas time last year (the very first pic in this post) I decided to be a bit different this time and wear it as a skirt!

I even used the maxi dress' belt tie as a headscarf to tie the two separate parts of the outfit together!

Outfit Details:
• Maxi dress || Embody Denim || Retails at $249 but I won it!! 
• Headscarf/Headwrap || Belttie from Embody Denim Maxi dress || Free
• Black peplum || Lily n Lou || $12 from Best'N'Less.
• Black sandals || Target || $15
• Bohemien Bardot ring || Samantha Wills || Bought off eBay for $35
• Black bag || Spencer and Rutherford || Opshopped for just $20
• Reversible black & silver necklace || Taking Shape 14+ || I paid $13.30 on sale but it retails at $34.95
• Denim jacket || Autograph || Opshopped for $4.10

Do you have any nifty hacks you use when wearing your maxi?


  1. Knotting the dress is such a clever idea - I'll have to recommend that next time someone says their maxi is too long

    1. Maxi dresses are so often too long for plus size women, I wish I had known I could knot it sooner!!

  2. I am soo lucky being tall! :) The only company where maxis are too long for me is Long Tall Sally. One was 6 inches too long!! I get them taken up at the local tailor she charges me $15. for a full priced dress thats OK but for second hand dresses.. I will use your knot idea!!

    1. Wow 6inches too long?!? Thats huge! I can only imagine how long it wouldve been on me then!!


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