Monday, 29 February 2016

My Birthday Op Shopping Adventure

My 31st Birthday. Getting older but getting wiser and by wiser I mean knowing that I can get some awesome clothes for just a fraction of the retail cost at Op Shops!

My birthday this year fell on a Saturday and this particular Saturday my Mum had a business meeting in Ballarat. Knowing me Sooo Well she suggested that my Sister and I go with her and make a day of it, op shopping! Best.Idea.Ever.

Saturday morning and we hit the road coffee in hand fairly early. I drove cause if I didn't we all knew I would fall asleep! Lol
When we got to Ballarat we dropped Mum at her Business meeting and arranged to meet her in town later on.

My Sister knows my passion and was well prepared for my mission. We started at the Red Cross Op Shop on Sturt St. We were more trying to plan ahead fitting in op shops as most seemed to close are 1pm so I didn't search every rack like I usually would. However shoes were half price and I found a practically new pair of black City Kitty heels for $4 instead of $8! Bargain number 1 for the day!

We then decided to head to the Mall area cause there was around 4 or 5 oppies clustered together.

First we went to Wozzles Warehouse, an op shop for C.A.F.S (Child and Family Services) and I was pleasantly surprised! When I saw thier sign iutside thier store saying items had been washed and laundered I thought it would be super expensive but it wasn't! It was easily cheaper than the previous Red Cross Op Shop.

So here I bought a cool $3 necklace, a pair of $3 reading glasses (both in my selfie below) and a silver wideneck top by BelleCurve (Target) for $6. I think that is pretty impressive.

I even come across this (photo below), which I assume is a rare one. Considering Harvest Powell is the name of the amazing babe behind Hope and Harvest which has been around for years! I imagine it as something she might've made in her early designer years which went from woman to woman and has eventually ended up right in front of me in a Ballarat Op Shop.

Next we popped into the Vinnies in the Mall and I found an As New Ts14+ black skirt for $8 and some really comfy jeggings (photo below) by Crossroads for $5.

Not far down the Mall was The Salvos, so naturally that was our next stop. I was starting to get pretty hungry and couldn't focus but I stumbled upon an Eve Hunter jumpsuit in the wrong section and decided to get it simply because it was a jumpsuit and size 20. I didn't have the energy to try it on, but I really wanted a jumpsuit and was hoping it would fit. The tag said $10.25. At the counter I find out its a purple tag which was half price and it even fit perfectly when I eventually got home and tried it on!!! Score!!! I put it down to birthday luck.

When my attention wavered, when I started loosing focus and my op shopping was affected I knew it was time for lunch.

We had lunch at The Unicorn which was an enlightening experience, like a trip back in time. Old record tunes, the atmosphere had a real retro/vintage/hipster vibe even down to the waitresses. One had a shoelace as her belt! I was captivated by the view I had of the old historic buildings, I could definately picture Sturt St. during the 1920's nightclub scene with flappers and men in pinstripe pants with braces.... Oh and lunch was awesome too! My cajun chicken, apple and walnut salad was very hot but I managed to eat the majority and loved every hot, delicious mouthful I could eat!

After Lunch we went back to let me finish checking out the Salvos Op Shop in the Mall properly. I knew Mum and Sis were pretty over it and tired, I had spent my budget (roughly) and I figured that the majority of other op shops would be closed by now so we decided to go out to Wendouree Shopping centre on the way home for a drink. 
I had very chocolatey iced chocolate and huge piece of lemon slice. I was soo full. Satisfied but oh so full. 

My Sister drove home whilst I attempted to answer phone, Instagram and Facebook birthday messages but in true Narcoleptic form and like a baby with a full tummy, I fell asleep!


It was such a great day! Spending time with the people I love, doing what I love. Who could ask for a better birthday!!! Thanks my Beautifuls! 


  1. Sounds like you has a lot of fun!! XOXO

    1. I did babe, thanks! And the sweet op shop scores made it even better!


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