Saturday, 9 November 2013

Aussie Curves - Races

I've been to the races once and I sorta "wasted" that experience if you get my drift... If I went again I think I would be rather happy and comfortable wearing this outfit because this time I would stay classy... well try LOL.

Last weekend I went for a spot of op shopping and found this SWAK dress. I've been following SWAK (which stands for Sealed With A Kiss) for quite awhile on Instagram.
I never dreamt I would come along one of their dresses on my many op shop trips. 
When I saw this label I grabbed hold of the dress and didn't let go. For only $5 I was probably going to buy it whether it fit me or not! I tried it on and it fit, but I did feel a little vulnerable with ALL my curves, especially my love handles shape showing through the dress. However with some shape wear and a few champers at the races I would start to feel a little more comfortable with myself.

I love the top purple bust area, it's so comfortable. The back is gorgeous too (excuse the terrible photo) and it suits me perfectly as it makes my princess tattoo a feature.

Every female is a princess and deserves to be treated like one!

Add the accessories...obviously going with a purple theme here.  A $10 op-shopped Glomesh bag and a $2 fascinator.


Chances are I'd end the day like this.. resting my sore blistered feet but getting dressed up and feeling good about myself is always worth it!

Check out the other Aussie Curves babes looking gorgeous for the Races here!

Do you have any SWAK clothing?


  1. I love this outfit. You look like a Princess and you are.
    You look superb.

    1. Aww thanks Mum!!! It runs in the genes!
      Love you!

  2. The neckline of that dress is killer! Loving it!

  3. I've 'wasted' a fair few race days myself. Oh the shaaaaaame. HAHA. Loving you in purple, LOVING the accessories and love that you're going to give the races another go.

    1. LOL yeah there's a little bit if shame there but definitely will give the races another go just waiting for the right time and the right people to go with.


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