Saturday, 10 October 2015

Bendigo Fashion Festival - Runway Show 2015

The last two nights I have been to Fashion parades for the Bendigo Fashion Festival. It was a bit of a challenge for me because I went solo but I am so glad I went because I really had a great time at both events.

Runway Show at Bendigo Town Hall

On the Thursday night I attended a Runway show at the beautiful Bendigo Town Hall. This building alone is spectacular but when it has a red carpet rolled out the front with cameras and lights all set up it is so glamorous! I was quite proud of myself for having the courage at this point to have my photo taken on the red carpet! It is something I regretted not doing at the Curvy Couture Roadshow back in May and the photo actually turned out quite well so I don't know what I was ever worried about!

See the rest of the Red carpet pics Here. Photos by Justin Castles Photography

The inside was just as spectacular with the runway looking magnificent surrounded by flowers by the obviously very talented Libertine Florist. The Runway showcased 170 outfits from 36 local stores and was all about encouraging people to shop local.

Above pics from Bendigo Fashion Festival Facebook page.

The hall was pretty packed so I didn't manage to get a close seat, however even if I had got there early all the front two rows were reserved so where I ended up on an isle was great for me because I wasn't cramped and could see the shoes the models were wearing...I love my shoes!

The show had a variety of clothing on show. The obvious trends such a chambray shirts and dresses, floppy haps, fringing all with a bit of a loose flowing bohemian kind of feel.

But then there were the more unique outfits often from community based programs; such as the Marvel dress and the Wicked Victorias Angel take off by Bendigo Senior Secondary students; the outfits by Bendigo Afghan and Karen Communities which was very enlightening and made people smile (especially considering the issues in Bendigo surrounding diversity that have made world news currently); and the outfits by Morley's Emporium that had a unique punk vibe to them.

I had a few faves from the show especially from The LABoratory and Honeyeater Apparel. I'm loving the dress and Kimono below by these local stores!

After the show finished everyone scattered and that was it. This was a bit of a let down for me. I think it would've been nicer maybe to have some drinks or mingle a bit, it just finished so suddenly, but overall it was still a great night.

Read about Friday night Recycle Runway Event Here 

My Outfit for the night!

Outfit Details:
• Skirt || Serpentine Gallery || Opshopped in a $5 bag sale
• Singlet || Autograph || Opshopped in a $5 bag sale
• Heels (not that you can see them) || Lee Cooper for Big W || $20 on sale
• Black tassel earrings || Opshopped for $3
• Black Leather Bracelet || Pandora || eBay for $46
• Black Bohemien Bardot ring || Samantha Wills || eBay $35
• Black oval ring || Apparently Samantha Wills || eBay $45
• Dark silver circles bracelet || Opshopped for $5
• Hardcase Silver clutch || City Girl || Opshopped for 50c

Hair done by: Me, Myself & I


  1. It looks like a fun event, but yes I get what you mean about the post runway scatter. it would have been nice to do some mingling etc. I LOVE your dress/outfit for this look Charlene, it's perfection!

    1. Thanks Jaq! I really loved this outfit too! I was pretty darn proud of it!


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