Sunday, 18 October 2015

Melbourne Curves - Floral

For Bendigo Fashion Festival a week or two ago I went to an Op Shop Fashion Parade. Read more about that HEREBasically we could shop what the models wore and all the other goodies in the store after the parade. 

Whilst I was opshopping during this event (inbetween chatting to other op shop lovers, drinking mocha and eating decadent desserts) I found a pair of floral leggings by Autograph for $3. Usually they would be something I would pass up straight away but knowing I had this Melbourne Curves floral challenge for the month of October, I bought them knowing it would be a challenge for me.

Well I was right, A challenge it was! They sort of remind me of something you would see a little girl wearing! Not my usual style so I had a bit of a struggle styling them into an outfit I would wear.

I have my own personal rule when wearing leggings and that is that I like to have my groin and ass covered by what I wear with it. Whether that is for other peoples comfort, my own peace of mind or because sometimes I wear them so much they get holes in the crutch! 
With that in mind I started my styling efforts and what I thought would work great just didn't sit right with me (I can be super fussy about how I feel wearing something).

A black top was too black and a white top was too white but I eventually paired it with this greyish tunic I opshopped thinking I would probably never wear. It matched perfectly in my opinion and I actually left the house dressed like this!! 

Success! Yay! Well one successful outfit... Finding another way to style these floral leggings may be another challenge I might leave for a another day...

Outfit Details:
• Floral leggings || Autograph || Opshopped for $3
• Tunic || Queen Of Everything || Opshopped in a $5 bag sale
• White tee || Intimo || Opshopped
• Sandals || Corelli || Opshopped most likely for a couple of dollars

How would you style these leggings if you had to wear them?


  1. Yes! This is a great look and I reckon you picked well going with the grey tunic and knew exactly what you meant about the black and white not working with it! :D

    1. Thanks Jac! I knew someone would know what i meant by too black and too white!! Lol


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