Sunday, 18 October 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - BodyCon

BodyCon dresses are those that cling tightly to your body hugging your figure. The name comes from the contradiction to the phrase Body Conscious (eBay). I'm not really all that into BodyCon dresses instead I personally really love the freedom of skater dresses. Therefore my options for what to wear for this challenge were pretty limited.

I did use to own this SWAK BodyCon Dress that I got from an op shop for about $5 but I never wore it so it got sent back to the op shop.

So now I'm down to owning two BodyCon dresses. 
This Red Peplum BodyCon dress (photo below, on left) from New Look/Inspire that I wore to a friends wedding; And then this Bellecurve BodyCon dress from Target that I used in a previous Double Take Aussie Curves Challenge (below, on right).

I decided to go with the Bellecurve dress for this challenge because I know it has an inner lining and is a bit thicker than the red dress, provided more cover from a vbo (visible belly outline). Some women say f#@k the vbo but I prefer, for my own comfort and confidence issues not to show.

I don't wear this dress that often, I'm not really sure why. My possible reasons are because it might be too busy or business/corporate style for me, I just can't put my finger on it. Don't get me wrong I love this dress, hence why I still own it and haven't shipped it off to an op shop yet.
really ought to wear it more, I love the two way I have styled it in the Double Take photo above. For some reason I'm not completely happy with the outfit that I styled for this challenge, I'm not exactly sure why, it may be the way the top is sitting on me, it doesn't look right but I was short on time to try more options....

Tell me, how would you style this dress?

Outfit Details:
Kalaidascope dress || Bellecurve || $30 from Target
Black lace top || Autograph || Opshopped for $4
Thin black belt || Came with another dress I bought
Black boots || Wittner for City Chic|| $84.95


  1. I love the kaleidoscope pattern on that dress! I think I'd wear it with a slim black belt and a black blazer - chic and simple. I love how you styled it for the double take too, such a great way to get more wear out of your clothes

    1. I loved the double take! I use that same principle on so many of my dresses now! Basically a dress could be used as a dress, a top or a skirt! So many options!!


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