Saturday, 3 October 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Blue

So I decided to do two different outfits for this weeks NZ Style Curvettes challenge; blue.
A casual blue outfit with a bit of shine and a vintage blue dress just to do something a little different.

My Shiny Blue Outfit
When I read that this weeks challenge was blue I immediately thought of this blue sequin top I've had for a while. I've never worn it because I've never had the opportunity...well I didn't think so until I wore this outfit.

Previously I would had thought that because of it's sequiny goodness that it would be too much to wear just for a casual day to day outfit; but lately (as I am currently unemployed boo) I have had more time to think. We never know what is going to happen in the next hour, the next day, the next week. I may have never had the chance to wear this top if I was keeping it for a special occasion, well special enough to wear sequins anyway. 

I decided I need to look at things differently. 
Everyday ought to be a special occasion. 
So what better time to wear something, whether it's expensive, dressy or unique, than today.

Regardless of all my deep ponderings, it wasn't as dressy as I thought it would be when paired with jeans. 

Shiny Blue Outfit Details:
• Blue sequin top || Now || Opshopped for $2
• Grind blue bootleg Jeans || City Chic || On sale for $50
• Blue wedges || Emerson by Big W || $25

My Vintage Blue Outfit
This dress is another piece of clothing I've had for a while and never worn despite my attraction to it.
I have never really liked the classic Leopard print. I think I subconsciously link it to "trashy" over the top characters I've seen on TV like Peggy Bundy on Married with Children who will wear it head to toe with matching everything in leopard print.

Now don't be offended if you like or wear Leopard print. This is just a theory I have of why I have an adverse reaction around anything too much of a classic Leopard print. And I have my exceptions. Coloured leopard print is one of those exceptions so when I saw this blue and purple (or dark blue) leopard print dress in the vintage section of an oppy I had to have it. And I really love the pattern!

Vintage Blue Outfit Details:
• Vintage blue and purple leopard print dress || Handmade || Opshopped for $4.50
• Blue bolero || Sara || Opshopped BNWT for $1
• Black belt || came with a dress I bought
• Black heels || Target || Opshopped for $3

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