Saturday, 3 October 2015


So I knew today was going to be really cold so I fished out a bag of winter jumpers I had stored in the top of my wardrobe.

I pulled out a black jumper I bought from ASOSCurve that has bronze studs on it in the shape of a heart. I put in on with my black tights knowing I wanted to wear a skirt, now just to find the skirt...

As I looked at my reflection in the mirror I couldn't help but be drawn to the sparkly bronze studs on my chest and then it hit me... I had the perfect skirt!! And I havn't even worn it yet! I've been waiting to find the perfect top to make it's debut with!

Back in March at The Curvy Couture Roadshow market I had discovered Huudaverti. The skirt I had worn to the market had a non stretchy lining that had split, frayed and was driving me nuts as it kept crawling up under my skirt. Huudaverti had showed me a gorgeous bronze skirt and what I love about it as much as the amazing bronze colour was the deep red jersey lining, that stretches!!

I eventually decided I needed this skirt and when I went online to order it was on sale!!

The delivery was so quick I didn't even know what my parcel could've been when I was told I had one! Not to mention the shipping was free! AND It was even sent express!

The quality of this skirt is excellent as is the customer service I experienced! The bronze material is stretchy and the waistband is too so no need to worry about popping a button after a big meal!!

I was so glad I made the connection between my bronze studs and this skirt. This outfit has easily made my day more pleasant... Even if it is a little dressed up but then again I am a big believer that we should dress up every day cause every day is worth celebrating!!

Outfit details:
  Bronze skirt || Huudaverti || On Sale for $40 || Get it here! 
  Black Jumper with bronze studded heart || size au22 || ASOSCurve || $27.20
  Bronze clutch || Corelli || Opshopped for $3
  Footless tights || ?
  Rose/bronze hooped earrings || Lovisa? $?
  Heels || Target || Opshopped for $4


  1. The skirt is nice, but I am super in love with your jumper!

    1. I think the skirt is a bit underrated in these photos. You have to see and feel it in person tobreally appreciate it!
      The jumper looks awesome, I agree but unfortunately it doesnt breathe and I find myself getting easily overheated in it which sucks. But it is pretty!!


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