Saturday, 24 October 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Monochrome

Monochrome, in fashion terms, is always a thought provoking title for me. 

To make a long story short...  Monochrome, in fashion terms, seems to mean black and white. Even Urban Dictionary, which I have renamed 'The Peoples Dictionary', defines Monochrome as meaning "... black or white or is quite likely to be in grey scale."

However, when I did my Bachelor of Education, I majored in Visual Arts where we briefly studied Monochrome in the art sense, where I believe the term originally came from., which I have also renamed to 'The Official Dictionary', defines Monochrome as "...different shades of a single colour."

We studied paintings by Picasso in his Blue Period which are some of the most famous Monochromatic paintings of all time.

I can sort of see where the black and white comes from as I don't think black is technically a colour (it's a shade) so really you only have white, one colour. But then I start to confuse myself and think "well is white even a colour then? Its not on the colour wheel? What about silver and gold? Are they not colours?"

Therefore to save myself the brain hurt I decided to do an outfit for both Monochrome terms, The Fashion Monochrome and The Art Monochrome. Easy fixed!

The Fashion Monochrome Outfit

This dress has some cords that stump me? Purpose? I dunno. I'm gonna go with aesthetic reasons.

The Fashion Monochrome Outfit Details:
• Dress || Taking Shape || Opshopped for $8
• Black lightweight cardigan || Barkins || Opshopped included in a $5 bag sale
• Black sandals || Target || $15 at a half price sale

The Art Monochrome Outfit

The Art Monochrome Outfit Details:
• Beige dress || ASOS Curve || Opshopped for $1
• Tan floppy hat || Rubi || $5 at a half price sale
• Nude wedges || Wittner || Opshopped for 50c
• Wicker bag || Opshopped for $3
• Wooden Birdy earrings || Opshopped for $2

Catch you next week Curvettes!!


  1. Oh I love both of these outfits! Personally I think that monochrome can be interpreted either way - growing up as the daughter of an artist and then spending four years at an art school really gave me an appreciation for matching different shades. I've gone with a black/white/grey look in my outfit this week solely because that's the palette that makes up most of my wardrobe haha

    1. Thanks as always babe, you're such a gem as always!!


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