Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Rebellious Self Love Challenge

For the month of September I participated in Margot Meanie's Rebellious Self Love Challenge via Instagram
To put it in simple terms, the picture below shows each challenge for the day which you then interpret how you like, take a photo and put it up on Instagram and tag is with the hashtag #RebelliousSelfLove. It's all about self love with a little side of cheekiness and rebelliousness, which is what Margot is all about.

There are so many reasons why I loved this challenge.
1. It gave me a reason to get out of bed everyday! I've been unemployed for around 2 months now, am hating it and sometimes get so depressed that I just don't have the energy to get out of bed. This challenge really helped me because I love my fashion and the thought of getting out of bed to get dressed up and have my own little photo shoot makes it so much easier!

2. The self love boost. Let's face it, nearly everyone nowadays needs a confidence boost and this really helped me. Even if I had got no likes or sweet comments, I still know I look good and am a really good person. I am valuable and worthy of love. This challenge really helped reiterate these things for me.

3. The comments. Everyone loves compliments whether they admit it or not.  
received a few messages on Facebook (as I usually share my pics from Instagram to Facebook) from old and new friends, loved ones and even people I only knew through others. It was really nice getting compliments about inspiring other women, from guys I know that I rarely see or get to speak with and even the one from my cousin who noticed when I had missed or not shared some challenge pics on Facebook. She said my pics were the highlight of her daily Facebook routine!

There were other reasons why I loved this challenge but basically it was all about gaining more love for myself and in todays society it really is becoming too common for people to hate themself. Which would lead me to say self love is pretty much a rebellious act in todays society, sadly. 

Enjoy the following round up of my months photos!

Day 1: Selfie - No makeup, ready for bed. A truly honest selfie.
Day 2: Your Favourite Accessory - Currently my fave is my Samantha Wills black Bohemian Bardot ring and matching earrings!
Day 3: Shout out your bestie - My Mum, My Sister, My PinUp Doll, My mate from Uni and my Sister from another Mister! All my besties. In my opinion anyways.
Day 4: Daring Lipstick - A darker than usual colour for me but I 
Love it and practice makes perfect!

Day 5: Flip off something that annoys you - When one of your favourite pieces of jewellery breaks because you have worn it nearly every day for 4 years
Day 6: Favourite Book - A blank one so I can let my creative juices flow
Day 7: Video: Make a silly face - See photo above 
Day 8: Mirror Selfie - Not good at these which I'm cool with cause I'm not a fan of mirror selfies, at least hide the phone! Now I say that, nearly every single photo of me taken is a selfie (in one form or another, but I use a tripod and timer).

Day 9: Your Favourite Shoes - Big W. Lee Cooper brand. $20 on sale
Day 10: Shout out your role model - My Mummy! Such an amazing, strong, gifted, compassionate woman! And that's not even the half of it!
Day 11: Your Favourite body part (on you) - It has always been my boobs. I used to hate them but now I have learnt that they are just me and I love 'em!
Day 12: Treat Yo'self! - Coffee, Caffiene, Mmmm. I love Coffee and donuts with my Mum, my Godson and his Mum (my Sister from another Mister).

Day 13: Your Favourite Quote - I love this quote by the band, Killswitch Engage. It's very relevant to me with my sleeping disorder too!
Day 14: Video: Give us a wink! - Wink wink! 
Day 15: Your Favourite Outfit - Totes loving this double denim outfit atm!
Day 16: Your Indulgence - Pampering myself. Nothing better than a nice long relaxing hot shower (with no time restraints or interruptions) and washing my hair to make me feel a bit better!

Day 17: Shout out a loved one - My Daddy. I miss my Daddy! RIP Dad.
Day 18: Your 2nd Fave Accessory - Loving double sided studs and jacket earrings!
Day 19: Show Your Claws - Sally Hansen black nail polish with Sally Hansen silver crackle over the top = My claws.
Day 20: Favourite Beauty Product - I love my Garnier BB Cream, basically tinted moisteriser but way better!

Day 21: Video: Give Us A Snarl - Grrr
Day 22: Side Profile (Head or Body) - oh everyone loves these ones, not!
Day 23: Can't Leave the House without - Never leave the house without underwear!
Day 24: Shout Out A Furry Friend - My 5year old boxer, Kayos 💕

Day 25: Something You Do Everyday - Looking for work on the internet job sites. One day soon...
Day 26: Your Favourite Feature - Since I previously said my boobs I decided I would choose my belly button for this one. Since the whole plus size movement and fat chicks in crop tops, showing others my belly button is a new thing for me! Crazy
Day 27: Your Bag - I just love this Fillippo Raphael bag I opshopped for $5 years ago

Day 28: Video: Blow us A Kiss - Mwah!! 💋💋
Day 29: What Makes You Happiest - This guy!! 😍

Day 30: I Am Rebellious!! -

1- Because I am wearing a crop and apparently fashion "rules" say someone my size shouldn't.
2- Because I am spelling Rebellious the Canadian way even though I'm an Aussie. (Assuming that's Canadian spelling)

3. Because I Love myself, inside and out, which nowadays is not neceassirily the norm;

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