Saturday, 3 October 2015

Aussie Curves 3.0 - Blue

Straight to the point this week. 

Blue Outfit 1 of 3 - specifically for Aussie CurvesBlue week.

Outfit details:
  Baroque print dress || ASOS Curve || I ordered something else for $21.75 but got this but accident. Loved it so much I kept it!!
  Belt || Taking Shape 14+ clearance store on Abbotsford || $3
  Sandals || Target || $15
  Blue bangle ||
  Blue ring || eBay || $3
  Blue stud earrings || 

Blue Outfit 2 of 3 - for my chance to win a ticket to the Curvy Couture Roadshow from Hope and Harvest... And I WON!!!

Outfit details:
  Amazingly comfortable and stretchable Nauticus capri pants || Hope and Harvest || $79
  Effyourbeautystandards tee || Tess Munster || The top, 2x pins & postage cost me AU$56
  Mesh sectioned sneakers || Denali || Opshopped for $5

Then this happened!! 

My outfit photo got reposted on the Effyourbeautystandards page by the amazing Aussie admin, MissNic!!

Blue Outfit 3 of 3 - another outfit for Aussie Curves Blue week but also for #dressinblueday for Colon Cancer Alliance.

Outfit Details:
  Awesome Nauticus capri pants || Hope and Harvest || $79
  Black top || City Chic
  Blue cardigan || No tag with label || Opshopped for $2.25
  Necklace with blue crystals || Opshopped for $4
  Sandals || Target || $15

That's all folks!!

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