Saturday, 3 October 2015

Spin the Pin - September '15

I've been really loving these Spin the Pin challenges. At first I was a bit hesitant with some of the pins, thinking "aw It's not my style" but now I'm really loving it. I love how it pushes me out of my comfort zone, out of the style I usually stick to. 
Adapting the outfit using my own existing clothing helps integrate my style into the outfit and it's helping me see older items of clothing in a new light; giving me ideas of how else I could wear it and what else I could wear it with. All of a sudden my wardrobe seems so much bigger!

This months spin (Link up Hereto me screamed double denim (in a lighter denim shade) with a feminine touch of lace, fur and/or stripes & heels.
Also note they had no black in their outfits which I tend to overuse anyway as it's an easy neutral for me, so that was a challenge for me.

I actually really liked what I ended up putting together. Yes it is very similar to outfits in the Pin but thats ok because I can see myself wearing it alot. Its more of a feminine look than I usually do which is probably because of the nude wedges but it looks good on me.

I can't stand denim against denim so the denim vest helped achieve that Double denim look without it looking to 90's and very subtly underneath my denim vest is a sheer white vest with bits of lace just to help get another texture in there and to help break up the denim on denim.

I like the striped top I have on. Its not a plain old stripes tee, it has a vertical line down the middle which I imagine would help elongate my torso and help draw the eye up and down making me appear slightly taller. I do, however, think it makes my boobs look big but in reality they are so I really don't mind.

Don't forget to keep an eye out on ICurvy's blog as she has been posting her fave spins on her blog in a spin the pin hall of fame blog post. It is really nice to see how Jo and other babes interpret the pin so make sure you check them out (and comment of course) via the September link up post here

Outfit Details:
• Navy & white striped tee || Avella || Opshopped for $2 
• Sheer white lace vest || Fanny Lam || Opshopped for Free cause it had a hole in it!
• Denim vest || Autograph || Opshopped for $1
• Grind blue bootleg jeans || City Chic || On sale for $15
• Nude heels || Wittner || Opshopped for 50c
• Pearl studs || $4 from a small jewellery store


  1. Love your spin! That tee is fabulous. I'm not a huge double denim fan either but it was so fun to interpret in our own ways. Great job love x

    1. Thanks babe! It is so much fun seeing all the different interpretations of just one outfit, I love it! And the next one will be interesting too!


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