Sunday, 11 October 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Casual Friday

Casual Fridays... Well I'm going to interpret this as meaning other weekdays aren't casual, therefore implying there is some sort of dress code. The only reason I can think of why there is a dress code on the majority of weekdays would be in regards to the workplace environment, i.e., uniforms, corporate wear.

My point is this challenge [to me] is about casual outfits within the workplace. Now considering I am [unfortunately] unemployed at the moment this will be a hypothetical case. 

...So just imagine I am employed and at my place of employment we have casual Fridays...

Depending on the type of workplace, there could be so many different interpretations of "casual". What might be considered a casual outfit in an accountants office might be completely different to that in a cafe or retail scenario.

To keep the peace I would consider something like this outfit, simple yet classy, dressy but not TOO dressed up and not TOO dressed down.

Black is such an easy cop out I know but by having this wine coloured lace shirt by Harlow worn open it gives the whole outfit more of a laid back vibe and takes away from the big block of black.

I do have some black jeans that I was almost going to wear but I decided on these black pants as they are thinner. The jeans would've  been too heavy for this pre-summer heat we are having on and off!... along with the thunder storms and all! Victoria (Australia) is such a confused state weather wise. Four seasons in a day? Yep just a normal occurrence here!

Outfit details:
• Gothic Glamour lace shirt in Wine || Harlow || $64.50 Half price (used a voucher I won). Just a quick note! There is only 2 of these Gothic Glamour shirts in wine left (a size 16 and a size 20 I think) and on super sale for $30. Get one while you can here!
• Black belt || Opshopped for $1
• Black peplum top || Lily and Lou || $12 from Best'n'Less
• Black pants || Alexia || Opshopped for $1
• Black boots || Autograph || $100

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