Saturday, 3 October 2015

Outfit 3 - The Curvy Couture Market

The Curvy Couture Market
What I wore

The Anchor tee || Hope & Harvest || $45
Because It was Hope and Harvest who gave me the free ticket so I had to represent!

Earrings || I can't remember where I got these from I've had them so long but they were the perfect blue to go with the rest of my outfit!

The skirt || Basque at Myer || $30

The Wedges || Emerson at Big W || $25
The blue of these wedges went perfectly with my skirt! And they were surprisingly comfy! No blisters either!

The Bag || Colarado || Opshopped for $5
Big enough to put my wedges in for the train ride and quickly swap into them when I got off at the station.

The Market was great fun in a great location. 
Just next to the Collingwood train station at the Collingwood Town Hall (which is apparently at 140 Hoddle St despite what my Maps app was telling me!)

Tip 1 - Don't just look at your Map! Look around you too! 

The blue dots is where I had to walk. The red is where I walked... *hangs my head in embarrassment*
I got off the train, walked STRAIGHT past the town hall towards the pin on my map. Got half way there and thought this can't be right? Turned around, saw the old, tall town hall looking building and thought "you idiot! You walked straight past it!" I could only laugh to myself!

I got to take a selfie with Tess Munster! She's is gorgeous in every way! And her hubby is gorgeous too!

Tip 2 - Try to know who you are talking to and make sure you are right!
I went up to the gorgeous chick helping Tess & Nick sell Effyourbeautystandards merch. Now I really thought it was Rachel from the blog 'A dress is for Life' (below)
I went up to her and said "can I get a pic with you?" She looked at me weird and said "me?" I said "yeah your blog was one of the first blogs I started reading!" to which she laughed and said "I don't have a blog!"Oops! Complete wrong person! How embarrassing!

Jacqui from Pho Sizzle. Jacqui and her bestie, Kristie were my lifesavers!! And entertainers! Awesome chicks! Awesome brand! And I've heard a little of what's next to come from Pho Sizzle and I am pretty darn excited!!

Back at work after the long weekend wearing one of my purchases from Seraphim! It was a total score and I love it!

Overall, such an amazing weekend!
I'm definitely going next year! I can't wait!
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