Sunday, 23 August 2015

Spin the Pin - August '15

Below is the August pic released for iCurvy's Spin the Pina monthly challenge inviting budding Fashionistas (and Fashionmisters) to show off their own interpretation (the 'Spin') on a pic from Pinterest (the 'Pin').

For me, Augusts Spin the Pin is all about Graphic tees and Tutus!

My 'Yawn' tee is a recent cheap buy from Kmart. It's actually a nightie but when I saw it I had to have it to wear as a tee. And it suits me to a tee! Ha pun not intended but it works. 
For anyone who doesn't know I have a sleeping disorder called Narcolepsy where I experience excessive daytime fatigue, hence why the 'Yawn' term suits me.

This is the recently released and mostly sold out Tea Folly Skirt by PhoSizzle.
blogged about this skirt hereDespite my love for the feel of this skirt as-it-is I wanted to make it feel and look a bit more tutuish for this challenge so I rolled it up at the waist to make it about half a foot shorter and added a tulle skirt underneath to make it a bit more poofy. 

I looked for a month in opshops for something resembling a tutu, a tulle skirt or even just a normal skirt that would do the job of a petticoat under this Tea Folly Skirt but nothing. So I popped into The Variety Store (basically it's like a cheap Reject shop kinda shop but one that sells more party stuff and helium balloons etc.) and discovered they actually sold tutus for dress ups for $10! Now their largest size would not fit me but with the removal of the lining and some scissors I MADE it fit! LOL It was a bit of a hack job but it did what I wanted it to and made this skirt poof right out! 

With the addition of these absolutely magnificent pink tassel earrings I think this outfit is pretty darn amazing! Im totally in love with it! This is without a doubt my fave Spin the Pin outfit I've created so far!! 

Outfit details:
• Pink tassle earrings || Opshopped for $2
• Yawn stripe tee || Kmart || $8
• Hot pink Tee folly skirt || PhoSizzle Get it here. Very limited sizes available || $90
• Black tutu (under pink skirt) || From a variety store for $10
• Pink and orange clutch || Colette
• Black heels || Target || Opshopped for $3

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