Tuesday, 11 August 2015

PhoSizzle - The Lollygaggers

When I first heard Phosizzle was doing more extended sizing I was pretty happy and then when I saw sneak peaks of bits and pieces on their Instagram I was so pumped and excited to see the whole lollygaggers mini range.

However I think I had already decided before everything was officially out that I wanted the hot pink Folly tea skirt and the button fly flares.
Having read that there was one available in some sizes I made sure I was super quick to obtain what I desperately wanted! 

Skinny jeans are not my thing. I love a good bootcut jean. When I see flares I just think of them as super bootcut so that helps explain part of my lust for these Phosizzle jeans. 
I've been quite impressed by the quality of these jeans and also the consistency with sizing is super impressive too! It's always hard shopping online when a brand isn't sized the same over different items and I rarely will return anything. So it's nice to know that when I buy something from Phosizzle again, that it will fit because they clearly put alot of thought and effort into that. 

Now I must inform you all that I'm pretty short so (as the above pic shows) these are a few inches too long for me at the moment. Usually I would just wear them into the ground but I definitely like these too much to do that! So even though I really really want to wear them out and about I'm trying that thing apparently called "self-control" to make sure I don't impulsively wear them until I get them to a tailor... Good motivation to get them taken up though!

One thing I love about these jeans is the pockets. The only right way to describe  these pockets in my mind is as 'Phosizzle pockets'. 
I'm a back pocket girl so I keep going to put my hands in my back pockets but when I find none I still get that pleasant little voice in my head saying "oh yeah I've got cute front ones!"

The Folly Tea Skirt

This skirt. Well where do I start?
The colour. Im not a huge pink girl but if I was going to choose any shade of pink it would definitely be this shade of hot pink. Make this same skirt in black (hint hint Jacqui!) and it would sell like hotcakes I reckon! It would be a staple of mine without a doubt. But as for the pink it will still get some good wear from me. 

I initially wasn't really sure what to wear with this. I didn't want to look too prissy or girly so I paired it with a denim vest to give it a little bit more of a rock punk feel but still wore heels so it didn't look too grunge. 

The sizing. Just like the sizing of the Button Fly Flares, the sizing of the skirt is very consistent aswell when compared to the other Phosizzle items I have. Which makes shopping online with Phosizzle so much easier! Yay!

The material. Now I know it was said somewhere that there was a limited amount of skirts because it was the end of the roll but OMG this skirt feels like heaven on! I didn't want to take it off! Only reason I did was because I had to take some pics of the button fly flares! Now excuse me whilst I go change back into it! 

Outfit details:
 Button Fly Flares || Phosizzle || $120 with free postage
• Pink peplum || Autograph || End of season sale $5
 Folly Tea Skirt || Phosizzle || $90 with free postage
• Denim vest || My Size || Opshopped for $5 I think, years ago
• black bandeau || Opshopped for 50c
• Pink watch || Diesel || Opshopped for $5
• Blue and colours wedges || Naughty Monkey || $15 from Famous Footwear
• Awesome macaroon earrings || Made by a good friend of mine
• Musk sticks || Supermarket $1-$2

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