Monday, 10 August 2015

Aussie Curves 3.0 - Challenge Reflection : The Finale

Aussie Curves 3.0, the third year of Aussie Curves photo challenges and probably the last.

I've really loved doing these challenges! It's given me something to look forward to every week! It's been a way to challenge myself in the area I'm interested in (Fashion) and to help myself grow and develop in that area. Plus there's the fact that I love dressing up!

There are soo many outfits I love! It was difficult but I narrowed my most favourite down to just a few...

I loved Double denim. Usually the thought of DD would make me cringe but now Im going to associate it with this outfit cause I just love it!

Bridal was sad for me but I loved it and wouldn't change a thing if I did it again!

Sheer was fun and innovative! It almost felt like I was wearing a tutu!

Where to now? 
Well I'm not really sure. There is iCurvy's Spin the Pin challenge once a month m that I will play along with but I'd like to do something more frequent than once a month so I'm thinking I might pretend to be a Kiwi for a while and join This is Meagan Kerr : NZ Style Curvettes Challenge cause that looks pretty cool.

What have I learnt?

I've learnt the need to support small businesses especially Australian business's and I have done my fair share of that in the last 6 months but will be continuing to do that for sure!
And mostly I've learnt about how much I love fashion, yes fashion is my passion. Because of my size I never really felt I was allowed to be into fashion but that was such wrong and stupid thinking! 
The sky is not the limit!
I recently saw a video (which I can't seem to find again sorry) of a makeup artist who couldn't use her hands because of a disability so she used her mouth! Why should I let my size stop me having an interest in fashion? Yes I shouldn't let it! So I'm looking into doing a personal stylist course in the next few months.

However this is me signing off from Aussie Curves forever! Until our next adventure...

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  1. I really liked your double denim too, and the bridal one was really sad, but you looked so beautiful! Great memories and ideas Charlene! :D


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