Saturday, 15 August 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Animal Print

NZ Style Curvettes - Animal Print

Meagan from has been very gracious and let us Aussies join in on her NZ Style Curvettes fashion photo challenge. And I am so thankful! Since Aussie Curves is no longer in operation, I would be totally lost without my weekly fashion challenge! 

This week (the second week) of NZ Style Curvettes is the challenge theme Animal Print. 

Animal Print has never really been my most favourite thing. I think some TVshows in the past must have made me associate it with trashy obnoxious female characters and I don't think I've really ever got over that. Despite that I still own and wear Animal print on the odd occasion. 

I opshopped this dress a while ago and haven't yet worn it. I still can't decide if I like it or not. It has three levels of patterns on it, 2 of which are animal print, and I think it might be that pattern clash that I struggle to get my head around!

My most favourite part of this outfit is my earrings! I'm totally loving double sided earrings, even though I get a bit paranoid I'm going to lose a side. I bought these double sided bone earrings from an op shop last week for $4 and I just love them! They totally make me think of the Flintstones! Maybe thats why I love them!! 

Outfit details:
• Double sided bone studs || Opshopped for $4
• Animal print tunic || Autograph || Opshopped for $3.50
• Belt || Taking Shape 14+ || $3 at Abbotsford TS14+ clearance centre. 
• Black leggings || Now by Kmart || $7
• Black cardigan || Barkins || Opshopped in a '$5 bag of clothes' sale
• Boots || Unnui || Opshopped for $2

Are you gonna give #NZStyleCurvettes a go?


  1. Thanks for joining in! I love love love your earrings, they definitely remind me of the Flintstones! Go you with your three way animal print pattern clash - it's intense! I really like the way you've styled it though, I think that such a busy item of clothing looks great with black so it really stands out.

    1. Thankyou for letting us Aussies Join in!! Yeah the earrings are so Flinstones.

  2. Yes, these earrings are da bomb! And yeah, boooo to animal print! :D ;)

    1. They definitely are awesome earrings!


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