Monday, 30 December 2013

Aussie Curves - Christmas Day

Christmas Day - always a special day.

It was a little different with my family this year as all us children are grown up and everyone (except me) has a partner. Its a bit different to the good ol' days when us four kids would wake up early and hop on Mum and Dads bed at 7am with our Santa sacks! It was still an amazing day, different but still good and I still managed to eat way too much and sleep 1/3 of the day away!

The dress I'm wearing I really love! Its op shopped of course but was a half price bargain for $5 on the last day of work. Its an Asos Curve dress but its small for its size so I imagine that's why it ended up in an op shop hardly worn. I wore it to Church in the morning, which is a tradition and necessity for me and my faith especially on such a day. Worn with some shape wear, Christmas troll earrings, beige coloured heels and a bow in my hair I felt like a million dollars!
The troll earrings and the bow in my hair are both op shopped aswell, surprise surprise. I really love the Christmas troll earrings! I wear them every Christmas, they always get me compliments and are a great conversation starter!

After church I slipped of the shapewear and heels and replaced them with some comfier leggings and thongs - Havaianas of course! They're the only thongs I wear. I'm so glad I changed. I would've been hot and uncomfortable otherwise.
 This Christmas was extra special because there was a brand new addition! My Godson, Elijah, pictured in the above photo with me. The next few Christmas's will be so much more exciting with a toddler around!
I had an amazing day with family and friends and couldn't think of a better group of people to share my day and outfit with! Merry Christmas y'all!


  1. Gorgeous Charlene! and those earrings, haha so cool!


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