Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Aussie Curves - New Years Eve

Happy 2014!
I did nothing on New Years Eve that would seem spectacular to anyone else but something that I enjoy. I just hung out with some family - that's what is special to me.

It's at this time of the year that you reflect on what and who is most important to you and this year more so for me and I imagine many people in the Bendigo area. A gorgeous little 4 year old girl, Tiya, died in Bendigo the day before New Years Eve when a huge tree branch fell on her and her mother (story here). My thoughts and prayers go out to this family, it is so tragic. It really makes you reflect on what is most important to you and for me that is certainly family and close friends.
If I had gone out and been more social I probably would've worn this Bellecurve body con dress (pictured above) that I got from Target on Boxing Day for $30 (when its normally $69) however I decided to wear something a bit more casual and comfy for lazing about and chilling with my family.

I'm wearing a
black peplum from best n less $12 (boxing day sales)
skirt - free
shoes target - $20 (boxing day sales)
orange bangle - opshopped
vintage orange earrings from a vintage shop - $6
The skirt is actually a dress that I got from an op shop for free because the hem was cut. Im not sure if its not been sewn up, been cutoff or if its supposed to be like that but you can hardly tell anyway so Im not bothered. It would never fit me as a dress; it would never cover my chest area so I folded that part under the dress at the waist and wore it as a skirt. I love the handkerchief hemline, it's so wavy and makes me feel like spinning around like a little girl but it also makes me feel sexy cause it has some see through lace about 20cm up from the hemline which makes me feel sultry and mischievous.

What did you wear for New Years Eve? Something that made you look gorgeous like the other Aussie Curvettes in the blog hop below I bet!


  1. Great score on the Belle Curve dress, it serious looks amazing on everyone i've seen wearing it!

    1. Thanks Natalie! Yeah I totally agree with you Everyone I've seen wearing it has looked amazing too!

  2. looking gorgeous - bargain finds as always! happy new year :)

    1. Thanks Katie! Happy New Year to you too gorgeous!


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