Thursday, 16 January 2014

Aussie Curves - Breaking the rules

Last time we had a challenge like this I wore black and brown together as I've always had trouble wearing the two colours together.
Aussie Curves - Colour Clash in July 2013 - Link here
This time I've chose to break the rule "blue and green should never be seen". I've always hated this rule because it's not true but because it's so catchy you tend to remember it, like that time in primary school when I was taught "'i' before 'e' except after 'c'", but that's wrong, there is exceptions like the word 'theirs'. Because of the catchiness of the rhyme you remember it and think "why would they teach me it if it was wrong?" Well who knows?!? My point? Blue and green can be seen!
When I started with my blue and green outfit I was wearing jeans and I was told they could be seen as denim not blue so I accessorised with navy blue shoes, cardi and earrings to make it obvious that I was doing green with blue not green with denim. In my mind denim is blue. Then I thought people could be fussy and say navy blue isn't blue its rebuttal is that the rule doesn't specify what shade of blue so :P ner lol
I'm wearing:
Target Jeans - Hand me downs from a friend
Green City Chic Peplum - op shopped for $3 (definitely my find of the year for 2013!)
Navy Cardigan - Op shopped $4
Navy Blue Shoes - Op shopped $4
Navy blue triangle earrings - Diva $3
Green Clutch - Op shopped $3
I originally thought of wearing a bright cobalt blue skirt with this green peplum but it's too much bright colour for me. I have noticed I tend to only use one bright colour as the focus in my outfits and teams that with a darker base colour like black, brown or navy blue...but mostly black. Maybe I need to step out of my comfort zone a bit more this year??
Why I think about that check out this link I found when googling what rule I should break - 26 Fashion Rules you should break immediately ... that is after you check out the other gorgeous Curvettes breaking the rules in the blog hop below of course!


  1. i love this outfit, blue & green look great together! & omg $3 CC peplum!!!!!

    1. Thanks Katie! Yeah I was so stoked when I found that peplum, that's what I really love about op shopping, you never know what your gonna find!

  2. Love it Charlene! I went blue and green as well but with horizontal stripes! OMG! :P The CC top is definitely the find of the year, how awesome!

    1. Thanks Alison!
      Great minds think alike!


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