Sunday, 1 December 2013

Aussie Curves - Yellow

This weeks challenge for Aussie Curves was Yellow.
This City Chic skater dress is the only item of clothing I own with yellow on it. I bought it in Geelong New Years Eve 2012 just in case I decided to go out, that and cause it was only $30! Unfortunately I didn't get to wear it this week as it shows too much cleavage to be appropriate for work so I've reused the above photo of the dress from my Frocktober posts.

So back to what I did for this challenge... I decided I would wear something yellow every day of the week. 
Yellow Ray Ban Sunnies - op shopped $4

L'Oreal Exotic Canaries nail polish - Big W $6
Yellow headband - op shopped 50c
This coloured (yellow included) bone like necklace - op shopped $4
Fluoro yellow earrings - Diva $3
Yellow hair clip - $4 at local quarterly market
Yellow earrings - op shopped 25c
yellow thumb ring - op shopped $1

Next weeks challenge? Headwear. I'll be doing another every day challenge 
Until then check out some of the other Aussie Curvettes rockin' yellow below!

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