Saturday, 7 December 2013

Aussie Curves - Headwear

The challenge for Aussie Curves this week has been Headwear.

I've seen some gorgeous and some very creative pieces this week! From electric Christmas lights by Omega here, a helmet by Ellecurve here, a flower crown by Dani here and everything inbetween!

I, on the other hand don't have anything that really stands out or makes a statement in the headwear department so I just decided to challenge myself by wearing something "headwear-ish" every day of the week, like I did for last weeks Yellow challenge.
Monday I did nothing flash. It was too hot for anything thick or heavy so I just went with the boring classic black headband. I saw a lot of other impressive headwear on Instagram and Facebook so said I would step it up a notch tomorrow.
It was still simple but a bit prettier. I got this (above) from Lovisa.
Wednesday I decided to do something a lil' different and wear a hair barrette. I love this one by Mimco - I'm told its from a Monet painting and was only a few dollars from an op shop. 
I love this headband and green top together so much that when I hang the top up the headband stays with it!
Above wearing a Mimco headband.
By Friday I had well and truly realised that headwear is not my thing. Maybe the occasional little headband or clip but that's it. I really felt I struggled to do anything fantastic. I thought they were good but nothing great. 
Today I decided to try out my hats. I like hats but don't feel right in them. I especially like the brown one but never know what to wear it with....
What would you wear it with?

Check out the other gorgeous curvettes below!

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