Saturday, 14 December 2013

What to wear with Navy blue #1

I've recently been trying to introduce more of a variety of colours to my wardrobe. One such colour is navy blue but I always have trouble knowing what to wear with that colour.
Below is a navy blue top of mine that I wear a little bit but not as much as I could because I usually just wear it with denim, which creates a very blue outfit.
Last week I picked up these almost new navy blue boots (pictured below) from an op shop for $4 but as soon as I picked them up I knew colour coordinating outfits was going to be an issue. So I bought the shoes with the intention of doing some 'research'...well basically google-ing what I can wear with Navy blue.
Peoples opinions were very different and very contradictory of each other. One place would say "never wear navy blue with red", the next would say "try navy blue with red for a nautical theme"; Some sites would say "try it with earth tones like dark green", another would say "blue and green - never to be seen". I decided I would just decide what works and feels the best for me.
I have a navy blue top and boots so I needed a colour to work in between. White was out cause I don't have white bottoms so the options I decided I wanted to experiment with were navy blue with: red, tan/brown, black, light and dark denim. If it was not just the bottom part of the outfit I would also try white, pink and maroon just to see if the colours felt right.
Post #1 Navy blue and red
Here is me wearing my navy blue top and boots with red.

I was very pleased with the outcome. I think the colours work really well together and are balanced just right. I could almost add a red necklace or some red accessories. What are your thoughts? Navy blue & red...?

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