Sunday, 11 August 2013

What's with all the photos?

So you've noticed all my selfies & outfit pictures I've been taking?
Well here is why.

I joined a group on Facebook called Aussie Curves. It is a group for plus sized women interested in fashion to connect with like minded women. Its a very empowering group and I initially followed all these gorgeous women posting outfit photos, talking shopping and fashion, asking for advice etc. and posting links to their own personal blogs where they would each week take part in the Aussie Curves Challenges.

I followed these ladies for quite some time in awe of their seeming confidence and their ability to make me feel like I have a right to be interested in fashion, despite my weight.

I soon realised how high I regarded these women and how often I would talk about them in my everyday conversations. It got me thinking about the fact that even though I am according to the BMI chart "obese" and am apparently not worthy of Abercrombie and Finch's quality clothes that I am still human and deserve the right to enjoy what I enjoy, even fashion and to be proud of my body, whether I am fat or not.

Also I have been disturbed by the fact that one day I will have children who will look at photos of me and one day ask why there are no photos of me after I turn around 16...why I didn't even seem to be in any photos of family nights out and why I didn't seem to exist in photos anywhere...the truth is I am overweight and photos remind me that my own self image is not so spot on, that I don't fit into a size 12 anymore and that yes I have 2 chins.
So I joined in the Aussie Curves challenges hoping to gain more confidence in myself, inside and out and to create some evidence that I do exist and that I do attend family outings. Even if I do take 50 photos before I find one where I look stunning.

If you want to follow me on my journey feel free. If not fine. I'm happy either way and now thanks to the Aussie Curve gals I'm not just happy,  I'm happy and proud. Proud of myself. Proud of what I look like, of how I live, of what I do and proud to have curves!


  1. Great post! So glad to have you on board and joining the body positive revolution! Looking forward to your future blog posts x

    1. Thanks Sophie! I dunno why I left it so long, Im so glad I took that extra step and started posts!
      Thanks again!! xxx


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