Sunday, 4 August 2013

Restyle2013 - The Beginning

Well it has been the first week (or the first four days) of the photo-a-day op-shop challenge I am taking part in this August. To find out more about the Restyle challenge check out my Op Shop Restyle Challenge blog. This first four days have been fun but also a bit of a challenge, let me share with you why.

Day 1 was Pink and was fairly easy. Everyone owns something pink. I'm not a pink person per say but I still have plenty of things pink that are op shopped including accessories! And even if I didn't, pink things are always easy to find in op shops! The op shopped items I wore are my $3 scarf, a weirdly shaped pink and purple bangle $1.50, a cute Pink pinky ring for $1, a pink Hairclip 50c and also my favourite pink elephant key ring I got for $1.

Day 2 was polka dots and fell on Friday the 2nd August which also happened to be Jeans for Genes Day. Since I had already bought a skirt and committed to this challenge I felt I wasn't able to wear jeans. This was a bit disappointing but I have made a note to pass this info onto someone organising this event so they can trying and line up denim and Jeans for Genes Day next year. Day two I wore an Op shopped polka dot skirt I got from the salvos for $4 in a mad rush looking for polka dots last week. I really felt I had settled for less but I love it now and am so glad I bought it! I love the way it sits on me and makes me feel like a Latin dancer.

Day 3 was a Saturday, a miserable Saturday and to be perfectly honest stayed in bed most of the day. We had some family friends over for tea so I chucked on this white city chic top I got for a bargain at $4.

Day 4, Sunday, was the hardest for me by far! Mixed prints...not my cup of tea! I really struggled with this one even though I had already bought this Kate Harris green stripes and leopard print top from the Salvos for $5 last weekend. When it came to getting dressed today I just couldn't bring myself to wear it. It was so not my style and felt much too mature for me, so I ditched it!
I decided to go with some patterned stockings and found some polka dot ones but they ripped as I was putting them on! So in place of the ripped polka dot stockings I wore my only other patterned ones that have, stripes. Very faint stripes but still a print. Teamed with my fave red ASOS skater skirt and an op shopped floral black see through top (op shopped for a score @ $4) I think I just scrapped into the category of mixed prints...just!

Did you take part in this challenge? Did you find any hard like I did mixed prints?

Check back next week to see how I go with some more tricky themes such as customised and colour block!

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