Sunday, 18 August 2013

Restyle2013 - Week 3

This week has definitely been a challenge but that's what its supposed to be I guess! Op shop love was really difficult because I have so many things I love from the op shop! Less than $10 was also hard because I have so many things I've paid less than $10 for... including most of the other themes I've covered this week like.... 
Day 12 was all about flower power! My extremely floral $2.50 bag, which is way to floral for me will be heading back to the op shop! I didn’t realise the dress I decided to wear that day had flowers on it until I took the photo which came out double floral...ewww!!! The floral skirt-turn-dress I wore was only $3 and I love it way more than the bright floral bag which was purchased from an op shop just for this challenge.

I wore an oversized Autograph cardi that was only $3 and had the knot tied in the middle. I was going to wear something blue, in regards to the something old, something blue saying you get from weddings, and weddings being tying the knot ...but a literal knot was much easier and less complicated to explain on Instagram.

My $10 vintage wool cape. I love this op shopped buy! It’s black with a green layer on the inside and super warm!
My wool pic made it to the Perth Fashion Festival sum up of the days styles I was so excited I felt famous! A little pathetic I know but I felt proud :)

Leather was Thursdays challenge and I decided to use my $5 leather GiGi.Club satchel I use to put all my work stuff in.

Op Shop Love!!! I had too many of these so I chose a few I was wearing to work that day. My $4 MIMCO barrette. My previously unworn tie-dye big city chic top that was $3, my amethyst Pandora ring $20 and some very handy glove thingys, pardon the pun, arm warmers that were $1 and worth every single cent because it has been sooo cold here in Bendigo....brrrr

This was the first time I wore this city chic neon pink and orange singlet number. Op shopped for only $4! Come summer I think it will be great.

and lucky last for this week was less than $10. These are my Zola collection heels that I used in my feminine post for Aussie Curves that cost me way less than $10 from an op shop; they were even less than $5! Plus they make me feel really sexy... not to mention tall!

I'm looking forward to next weeks shoes theme even though it will be a big decision to make! I think I might just have to pile all my op shopped shoes together and take a pick to save me from choosing!

Check back next week for my sum up of this week to come or follow me on Instagram! Instagram

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