Sunday, 11 August 2013

Restyle2013 - Week 2

 This has been the second week of the Restyle2013 Op Shop photo-a-day Challenge and I am really enjoying it!

Monday I was straight back into the challenge wearing sequins. I wore this top I got for a score at $2 and also used a sequin op shopped bag I got for $4 to put my work stuff in for the day.

Day 6 was 'Accessorise'. I was looking forward to this as I love to accessorise however the hardest part was making sure I didn't over do it. I think I did. I should've gone with Coco Chanel's quote "before you leave for the day...take one thing off..".
I wore an op shopped:
- belt $2
- necklace $4
- earrings $2
- sequined hair sticks $1
- black rose ring 50c
- purple bangles 20c each; and
- my Pandora amethyst ring which I got for $20. I love it and amethyst is my birthstone too!

The challenge on day 7 was customised. I found a lot of people interpreted this prompt differently to me. As I can't really sew I stuck to simple and what I know so I turned a 50c blinged up letter 'C' keyring into a pendant for a chain.

The majority of other people on Instagram added stick on diamontes to collars or phone covers. I was very proud of my customise take; simple yet elegant.

Day 8, the day of the scarf was a day I thought would be easy...I was wrong. I don't own too many scarves and those I do are all fairly plain and boring. I changed outfits numerous times trying to do something different or exciting for this challenge but I ended up just going with a boring plain $2 opshopped scarf and played around with the photo effects instead.

Bag on day 9 was a no brainer for me. I used the same bag I use religiously everyday. It's a bit grunge, it's designer, it's stylish and it's black so it goes with every outfit, I love it! It was only $5 as it has a big ink stain on the inside but this Filippo Raphael bag was most definitely worth every cent!

On day 10 I wore my red city chic blazer that I scored from my op shop for only $5 and added a sequined black flower brooch just to break up the colour.

Day 11 was colour block which I think I interpreted a little different to everyone else doing this challenge. I wore a Gabriella Frattini top that was op shopped for $4 before I even knew it was a good designer brand. It just reminds me of Mondrian's paintings..... Most other people on Instagram seemed to just wear a few different items each a different colour.. Colour blocking their whole outfit. I just used this one top that has the colour block style and I think it looks good.

I'm looking forward to next week. Neon is finally coming up which I'm really pumped about! Also op shop love, less than $10, leather, floral and more.

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