Friday, 4 December 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Stripes

The challenge theme for this week is stripes however I can't seem to think of anything but my new Black Tea Skirt from Pho Sizzle.

Yes this outfit does have stripes in it and they make the outfit because without them it would be all black and basic but I'm choosing to make this blog post all about this skirt because I am totally in Love with it!

Back around August this year I did a review of a couple of items I bought from the Lollygaggers Collection  (see my review post here ).
One of these items was the gorgeous hot pink Folly Tea Skirt

 And i mentioned or hinted in the blog that I reckon the same skirt in black would sell out quick. Next thing I know Phosizzle have a sneak peak of their soon to come out Gentle Persuasion of the Iblis collection featuring, what do you know, a black tea skirt!

Well being unemployed means Im pretty darn broke which totally sucks so I sold some of my clothes to find new clothes. 

When I spoke to Pho Sizzle designer, Jacqui from blog Fashion and Pho, I was pleasantly surprised to find I would get it half price!! Due to the new Pho sizzle membership I would get 10% off PLUS a one off just joining membership bonus of 40%. Woo!

And that is the story of my black tea skirt! :)

Outfit Details:
• Black tea skirt || PhoSizzle || $45 (50% off!!)
• Black singlet || holeproof
• Striped bolero ||
• Black Sandals || Target || $15
• Black Sunnies || Prada Knockoffs from Bali || Gift
• Silver ball earrings || 


  1. Yass! That skirt is gorgeous, I love a good tea skirt. I think the stripes go perfectly with it too!

    1. Thanks Meagan! I am totally loving a good tea skirt too!! And black and white alllwayyyss go!! Such an easy look

  2. I have that skirt and found it was 2 sizes too big! Poor Jacquie has had to deal with my returns. LOL She is so patient! I kept my discount for the new collection she is sneak peaking.. SQUEE!! I love love love your bolero..

    1. Yeah the sizing could run large and even though thats a pain it still is kind of refreshing for a change!!! Lol hmmmm or maybe I just like the fact that Im an 18 rather than a 22! Lol


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